What's Xim Apex?

Are you looking for a solution that would let you connect your mouse & keyboard to your PS4? If so, the XIM Apex PS4 from XIM Technologies is just what you need. In addition to mouse and keyboards, the XIM Apex PS4 allows you to plug other PC peripherals into your PS4 console.

This incredible device is pretty helpful for PC gamers who just transitioned to console gaming for FPS. It isn’t easy to aim with a console if you’ve been using a keyboard and mouse your entire life. With XIM Apex PS4, you can get around the limitations of modern console controllers and use your PC peripherals. Keep on reading to learn more about XIM Apex PS4.

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Xim Apex keyboard and mouse adapter

The Best Mouse & Keyboard Adapter

First-Person Shooters provide a great experience when you play on mouse and keyboard. However, the problem is that most consoles don’t accept the inputs from these peripherals. That’s where the XIM Apex PS4 can help. XIM Apex PS4 is a CIA (Console Input Adapter) that can get around the limitations of modern gaming consoles by tricking the consoles. It does this by masking the input devices and making the console think you’re using the game controller.

Moreover, this console adapter isn’t just limited to the mouse and keyboard. You can even plug in other devices like a tablet, phablet, smartphone, etc. The XIM Apex PS4 is also a versatile device, which allows it to support multiple gaming styles and hardware. Whether you wish to play with a wired connection or wirelessly, this adapter is ideal for both.

Xim Apex Features

Xim Apex adapter manager

Lag Free

Latency is a common issue that most PC gamers deal with when they switch to a console. Fortunately, XIM Apex provides an excellent PC gaming experience with accurate aiming on the console.


The XIM Apex Ps4 is also quite user-friendly. It comes with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use application to adjust all your settings. It lets you configure input commands for games and even make changes mid-game.

Expert Configuration

With the XIM Apex PS4, it’s pretty easy to customize settings to match your keyboard, mouse, and game. You can add smoothing to your mouse and even alter the input type. In addition, you can create separate inputs and binds or auxiliaries based on the game.

Wide Compatibility

This controller input adapter supports PS3, PS4, and Xbox One, and Xbox 360. It’s suitable if you play on multiple consoles. XIM Apex is also compatible with Titan 2, Keymander, Venom-X, etc.

Upgrading the XIM Apex Firmware

You have to upgrade the XIM Apex PS4 firmware to enjoy the latest features. To update, you have to plug the adapter onto the USB port and hold its button while plugging it in. Now, do the following:

  • Keep on holding the button till you see the blue LED
  • Download and open the Firmware Tool for Mac or Windows
  • Click on the “Update Firmware” option
  • Finally, wait till you get a notification to remove the adapter safely
  • Congratulations! Your XIM Apex PS4 firmware is now updated

Setting Up the XIM Apex on PS4

The XIM Apex PS4 includes a USB hub and a thumb drive. The thumb drive features a USB port and plug on either side. Here’s how you can connect and configure the adapter to your console correctly:

  • The USB hub features three ports. The port one is where you need to connect the mouse. Port two is for the keyboard, while the third port is for the controller, which must be switched off before plugging it in.
  • Next, you have to connect the USB hub and the adapter.
  • Now, connect the adapter to the console.
  • When the adapter is connected to the console, it’ll display a color sequence. Once it flashes a green light, it means the connection between the adapter and the console is clear.
  • Download and open the XIM Apex app on your smartphone. It’s available for iOS & Android.
  • Next, connect the app to your XIM Apex PS4 adapter via Bluetooth.
  • Once connected, the app will show that you haven’t saved any game settings. It’ll launch a window where you can make a new setting for XIM Apex PS4.
  • Note that the mouse DPI needs to be between 3000 and 4000 DPI, which is the ideal DPI for the XIM Apex adapter. You can change the mouse sensitivity later.
  • On the app, select the console and the game you’re using. Here, you can change the aim sensitivity. Note that sensitivities operate differently for different games. So, once you pick a game, ensure that you set the suitable ADS and Hip for that game.
  • On the HUD (Heads-Up-Display) screen, the XIM Apex will display the configured settings. It’ll also show you the keypresses in real-time and the actions each keypress will offer in the game.
  • Next, use the Edit Config option and set the mouse sensitivity. It lets you customize the aim sensitivity. Input the suitable number for ADS (Aim Down Sights) and Hip aiming for the game you’ll be playing.
  • Generally, the ADS must be lower than the Hip. You can set the aiming sensitivity to 500 for higher sensitivity as per the game.
    Finding the proper sensitivity is a little tricky. You’ll have to play around a bit with the configuration until you get the appropriate sensitivity for the game.

Note: The XIM Apex doesn’t support awesome RGB. As such, if your keyboard has an excellent RGB, XIM Apex PS4 recommends that you switch it off. This is done to make sure the adapter remains within the configured power limit.

Get Your XIM Apex Adapter for PS4 Today

If you wish to enjoy a seamless console FPS experience while using your keyboard and mouse, the XIM Apex PS4 is surely an excellent investment.
The ability to use your mouse over a console controller offers quite an advantage while gaming. Plus, it provides so many opportunities for customizing your game setup. Get hold of this incredible device from Omega Mods and take your gaming experience to another level.