What's Titan 2 Adapter?

Program your Titan 2 with downloadable scripts and aimbots and gain an ultimate edge on competitive multiplayer matches or local gaming. Titan 2 is an all-inclusive gaming tool that integrates features of multiple products in one form factor. It’s also the most advanced and fastest controller adapter as well as a mod-programming device. With it, you can use your favorite flight stick, arcade stick, joystick, mouse, keyboard, gamepad, and every other gaming controller on computers and consoles.

Every console-specific feature, including headsets, speaker, chatpad, touchpad, sensor, and motion sensors, is supported. It’s also compatible with computers, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more.

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Titan 2 consoletuner device

Titan 2 Contents

  • Titan 2 device
  • Setup manual
  • 40cm gold-plated cable (micro USB)
  • Gtuner 4 configuration app on Mac and Windows PC
  • Free Mod Scripts, Gampacks, Macros, and Input Translators
Titan 2 ps4 adapter

How Does Titan 2 Work?

The Titan 2 aimbot is an emulator for controllers. As such, it has the ability to remap controller sticks & buttons, bind mouse & keyboard buttons, create mods & macros. It also allows you to use supported controllers on different gaming systems.

You need an authentic, first-party remote to connect to the Titan 2 aimbot for verification with the selected gaming system. However, you can connect other devices simultaneously, including the foot pedals, mice & keyboards, XIM APEX, etc. Titan 2 combines the input from these devices and passes them as controller signals that are understandable for the gaming system.


Following are the features of the Titan 2 aimbot:

Adapters, Converters, and Crossover Devices

You can use a controller of your choice on any supported gaming system. Titan 2 aimbot replaces hundreds of gaming converters, adapters, and crossover devices available on the market.

Controller Layout Customization & Button Remapping

You can adjust the layouts of your controller sticks and buttons as per your needs. In addition, you can combine this feature with Scripts and Game packs.

Combos, Macros & Mods

You can enable exclusive combos, Mods, and Macros for any game with just a simple drag & drop of community-made scripts or Gamepacks. No installation of chips or tools is necessary.

Steering Wheels, Joysticks, and Flightsticks

The Titan 2 aimbot adapter is 100% HID-compliant, which means it’s compatible with every HID gaming device, including steering wheels, joysticks, flightsticks, etc.

Titan 2 Technology

Titan 2 incorporates unique technology in its hardware engineering & upgradeable firmware. This, in turn, makes the Titan 2 compatible with a myriad of previous and current gaming systems. Plus, it also makes it a future-proof gadget for the upcoming console generations. For wireless Bluetooth connection, the Titan 2 also features a low latency port that lets you connect the Bluetooth Module and the micro-controller directly.

How to Get The Aimbot on PS4 With Titan 2

For this, you must first buy the Titan 2 adapter. Once you have plugged your Titan 2 in, you need to download the Gtuner application and copy the Game-pack onto the open memory slot.

Titan 2 comes with aimbots, mods, and Game-packs for various games, including:

  • Uncharted 4
  • Titanfall 2
  • Starwars Battlefront
  • Rainbox Six Seige
  • PUBG Battleground
  • Pokemon Sheild & Sword
  • Overwatch
  • Mortal Kombat XL
  • Mario Oddysey
  • Halo 5
  • GTA 5
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Farcry 5
  • Destiny 2
  • Destiny
  • COD Modern Warfare
  • COD Infinite Warfare
  • Battlefield 4
  • Battlefield 1
  • Apex Legend, etc.

Included MODs

The Titan 2 Aimbot adapter also comes with tons of MODs, some of which include:

  • Rapid Fire: With this MOD, you can turn your semi-automatic weapons into burst-fire or automatic weapons.
  • Turbo Melee: It lets you swing a weapon or punch automatically as quickly as possible.
  • Drop Shot: Automatically drop to the surface when shooting a weapon.
  • Quick Scope: Automatically fire while aiming down sights on your sniper rifle.
  • Bumper Swap: With this MOD, you can swap triggers and bumpers, giving you the old-school gaming experience.
  • Auto AFK: This MOD helps prevent your character from getting removed from a gaming server.
  • Cook Grenade: This MOD lets you hold and toss a grenade automatically before exploding.
  • Strafe Shot: This MOD allows you to advance side-to-side when firing a shot automatically.
  • Auto Spot: With this MOD, you can automatically notify your team about your enemy’s whereabouts.
  • Aim Assist: This MOD offers stickier aim assist and helps keep your targets in sight.


Loading a Gamepack

Loading the Gamepack onto the Titan 2 is pretty straightforward. You just have to drop & drag the Gamepack from Online Resources to any one of the Gtuner app’s Device Memory Slots. Suppose the Memory Slot isn’t empty; it’ll overwrite the existing content. Once you’re done with the drag & drop process, you should be able to see the Gamepack version, author, name, and the time/date it was loaded onto the slot.

How to Use the Gamepack

Once you load the Gamepack into Titan 2, keep pressing the device’s right button until you see the exact number of the Slot where you loaded the Gamepack on display. The Player 4 purple LED means the Gamepack is activated.

Runtime Operation: Press the Touch-Click|view and Cross|A, and you’ll quickly disable/enable the Gamepack without unloading the Memory Slot. If the Gamepack is active, your controller will vibrate one time while twice if it’s disabled.

Gamepack Configuration

After loading the Gamepack on the available Memory Slot, tap on the configuration symbol, and you’ll be directed to the Configuration interface. Once there, you’ll come across all the available MODs on the Gamepack. Note that every MOD is disabled by default. The following instructions show how to activate and configure the available MODs.

Choose and set up automated actions that you want to execute when you press the fire button. Some automated actions include Easy Akimbo, Fire Hair-Trigger, Anti-Recoil, Jitter, and Rapidfire. Here’s a list of all the available fire actions on this Gamepack.

To toggle off/on the chosen Fire Mode, press the Touch|view and Fire Button. If you feel the controller vibrate once, it means the Fire Mode has been disabled. On the contrary, if the controller vibrates twice, it means it’s running.

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The Titan 2 game adapter is a solid controller adapter that can significantly improve your gaming experience. You can get yours here today and experience it yourself.