What's Rapid-Fire Mod?

The Rapid-Fire mod is an excellent function that transforms single shot and semi-automatic weapons into completely automatic firearms. A player can get a very suitable advantage over opponents thanks to this feature. Shooting and action games are full of happenings, and they are typically played in a multiplayer mode. It means you have to fight against many enemies at the same time.

The automatic firearm is typically very helpful at these moments, and you can simply eliminate a lot of opponents in a single attack. That’s how you can advance faster and gain better results during the game.

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Rapid-Fire is a very powerful feature that enables you to shoot a number of bullets per second, so every firearm becomes extremely deadly under the influence of the functions. However, some circumstances might affect the work of the feature, so it might operate better and worse depending on the situation. For example, a slow internet connection can reduce the power of the feature so you have to pay attention to this aspect in order to secure the normal work of the function.

Available Gamepads with Rapid-Fire Mod

How to Use The Rapid-Fire Feature?

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To start:

  • You have to click the mode switch which is located on the backside of the controller.
  • Now click Top Right Trigger, and you will see LED 1 indicator will show Red. It is the moment when you have to equip your player with any type of semi-automatic firearm. After completing this step, you have to click and hold the fire button. No matter if it is positioned left or right, just click it and hold. That’s the moment when the modchip takes over the function and adds new abilities to the same. It is now pressing and releasing the weapon button instead of you. The firearm will then unload the full clip with just one click of the fire button.

To change the mode:

  • If you want to change the mode, you have to ensure the Rapid Fire feature is turned on.
  • When this is correct, you have to hold down the switch mod on the backside.
  • Now click and hold Right Trigger.

The LED 1 indicator should start blinking red, and you should not stop holding the trigger until you see that color. When it starts, you have to move to the next step. If you, for example, want to set-up Mode 5, you have to release buttons when LED blinks five times in the single row. When you finish this successfully, your new adjustment will stay remembered by the device, and it will operate on the mod.

Keep in mind, the controller is capable to remember up to ten different modes and speeds. However, the speeds can be further customized as well, and you can check the manuals for all the details.

Ten basic Rapid-Fire modes:

  • Mode One – 6.5 bullets per second
  • Mode Two – 7 bullets per second
  • Mode Three – 7.5 bullets per second
  • Mode Four – 8 bullets per second
  • Mode Five – 8.5 bullets per second
  • Mode Six – 9 bullets per second
  • Mode Seven – 9.5 bullets per second
  • Mode Eight – 10 bullets per second
  • Mode Nine – 10.5 bullets per second
  • Mode Ten – 11 bullets per second

How to turn off this feature:

  • Click and hold the mode switch on the backside.
  • Press D-pad button. LED and Rapid Fire is OFF now.