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Modified XB1 Controllers

Buy the best modded Xbox One controllers for sale here at Omega Mods. Xbox One is a popular video game consoles that millions of players use regularly while playing various games. The platforms are typically different as well as genres. However, something is interesting for all, but action games are among the most popular ones. They include different combat techniques, and many of these are performed with various weapons.

You usually have a task to survive as long as possible, but it is not always as easy as it sounds. The opponents are also ready to fight, and they can be equipped with various types of arms. Some of these might be quite better than you, so you might have a hard time until you succeed to do that. This is where modified XB1 controllers come in!

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Features & Mod-Packs

They are useful in a way that you can play the game normally, but they do not provide any particular possibilities. However, modded and custom controllers are far better and more powerful, so you can utilize them in different ways. With one of these you can move faster, shot faster and reload your weapon faster than usual. That’s how they provide an advantage, so you typically have an opportunity to surprise your enemies. But that’s just a tip of the iceberg, and you can find out many more details on this matter in the article below. There are many positive sides of using these quality controllers, and some of the best features are pointed out further in the text.

Triggers and Buttons

These types of controllers are typically the most important in the game because you execute the main command with buttons and triggers. So it is necessary to pay attention to them, Still, they are not completely alone, and you have to use other components of the controller for the full experience. It is true regardless of the fact that they are the most important part of the device.

Standard controllers typically have regular buttons that might not be compatible with all games. They are not perfect, so you might not have an appropriate gaming experience you deserve. Modded controllers, on the other hand, provide buttons with various features that enable smooth and easy playtime. For example, they come with different thumbsticks and D-pads, which allow a very efficient gaming.

The joystick is developed of high-quality and durable materials and components which work without any issues. Modded Xbox One Controllers also typically have interchangeable paddles, and they can be attached and detached in accordance with the user’s needs. It is possible to map all kinds of functions with these paddles and answer to different button activities.

You can manage the entire game from the beginning to the end thanks to these features, and that’s a real advantage of modded controllers.

Add-On and Colors

Colors of the joysticks maybe are not so important like some other features from this list, however, they can also further improve the overall gaming experience too. If your controller has a color you love, you will use it with the enjoyment, so your results will be eventually better.

Fortunately, the modded Xbox One controllers are usually provided in a large variety of different colors, so you have a great opportunity to choose the best in accordance with your taste and needs. It is well-known that some colors are more appropriate for female players. That includes pink and red colors, while black and blue are more common colors for the male users. However, this is not any type of limitations, and you can freely choose the color you wish without any obstacles.

Some models also offer customization, so you can set-up the most appropriate color. Furthermore, some of the modded controllers have different add-ons as well. They can be provided with various functions so you can use them for different purposes. But they do exist and can help you to achieve the best scores and results.


Ergonomics are also essential components of modded Xbox One controllers, so it is necessary to mention them too. The passionate games usually play for hours on a daily basis. All the time, they are holding the controllers in their hands, so the materials and design have to be appropriate for the purpose. With custom ergonomics, they typically have comfortable gaming experience.

There is no pain or any other types of lack of comfort while holding the controllers in their games. That fact enables gamers to completely focus on the game itself and achieve the best results. The great thing is that you can use many different variations when it comes to this type of customization, so you can adjust your controllers in the most convenient way.

Adjustable Configuration

There are many interesting feature and functions when it comes to the Xbox One modded controllers, however, the Xbox App Accessories is probably the best of all. It allows you to customize and adjust every joystick of this type according to your needs. So you can get exactly what you want after using this application.

For example, you can develop different profiles in order to customize buttons and trigger sensitivity. You can also remap these components to reach the best positions, and you can also set-up the brightness as you wish. These adjustments can make your controller unique, customized only to your personal needs. Such the controller can provide the best gaming experience, and you can maximize the efficiency in the game. It typically leads to the highest scores and greatest results.

Triggers and Paddles

Some of the modded controllers have triggers and paddles. These can often be adjusted in accordance with the personal needs of a particular player. That’s a unique advantage of these quality controllers that regular ones cannot provide. If you use a modded one, you can map these triggers and paddles to meet the best position on the interface. That’s a very good way to get great results from the customization.

This type of the adjustment is usually very easy to perform if you choose the right controller, so the entire procedure can be finished with just a click of an appropriate button. It is also important to mention that thumbsticks are developed of real metal, so they typically provide good tactile feedback while requiring a minimal effort to function. The extended triggers are also offered together with these, and you can use both in combination with each other.

LED Pointers

LED Pointers are also a common component of many quality modded Xbox One controller, and they can help you to play your games in a more convenient way.

The LED pointers can perform different types of functions, so you can switch modes, set-up custom numbers and do other types of the action. The led pointers are great because they can provide you different gaming details without distracting you at the same time. So you do not need to disrupt the game during playing.

Configure Remapping

It is no secret that different games use different controls, so you have to use different buttons in order to perform the same type of actions. This is typically quite confusing and can take you a lot of time while you get familiar with a game. That’s especially true at the beginning of every game when you start without any previous experience. Fortunately, appropriate modded controllers have a solution for that problem too. They often allow you an interesting feature called “Configure Remapping.” It allows you to change the controls in a move, so you can set them up according to your needs.

It is, for example, possible to adjust the control for every game you play, so they can be totally same for all the platforms. That feature is clearly very important because you can be familiar even with the games you can play for the first time, thanks to the same commands. If you move, shot, reload and perform different actions with the same buttons like in the previous games, you will master the platform easily, so you can achieve the best results in the shortest time frame.


Design is, of course, also an important factor when it comes to the usability of the device. The players hold these controllers in their hands, so they should be properly shaped and sized in order to provide the best experience. if the controller is too heavy, too big, or too thick, you might have problems while handling the game, and that’s something you have to avoid at all costs.

At the same time, you will avoid potential losses, so you have to choose only the quality controllers, which are properly shaped and designed. They allow you to control the game as good as possible, and it is a nice way to take advantage over your competitors. Fortunately, modded Xbox One joysticks are usually very well-designed, so you will encounter no issues regarding this matter. They typically provide total comfort to the players, so they can entirely focus on the game events. That’s one more reason why you should take one of these.

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How Modded Controllers Work

modified XB1 controller with extended triggers

Xbox One can be connected to the Internet, and you can have a great gaming experience on the web. That’s because you can start playing various online games in a multiplayer mode. These allow you to compete against other players in the real-time. Your opponents can be located anywhere in the world, and their gaming skills can vary from the beginner level to the most proficient level. Exposing to one of those games can transform you into a great player, but you have to be determined to gain the skills and knowledge. Of course, it usually takes time, and you should not expect anything overnight. But it is good to know that there are some ways to speed up the process. The secret lies in the quality equipment. As you know, it is impossible to play Xbox One if you do not have appropriate controllers.

Modded Xbox One controllers are necessary because you have to execute commands by using control buttons, which are part of the device’s interface. So you must have it if you want to play the games. However, not all of these controllers are the same, and you can take advantage if you use the highest quality models. They have advanced functions and features which allow you to play any game in a convenient way. You can master skills easier when you use one of those controllers, and your opponents can have a hard time to beat you up. The results will be better as well as your score. Standard joysticks typically do not have any special functions, so they are not of big use when it comes to fast improvements.

There are many interesting and exciting games you can play with Xbox One, and that’s the main reason for the great popularity of these gaming consoles. You have an opportunity to select, action, adventure, sci-fi, military or any other genre you fish, and there is a high possibility that you can find a ton of games from any of these categories. Millions of players have already chosen their favorite platforms, and it is not a hard job to do. However, appropriate equipment can improve the gaming experience further, so you can play in the most convenient way. Standard joysticks can provide you some basic experience, but they are often not perfect so different issues are expected.


These can be only minor ones, but they still spoil the quality of the game. With a modded controller, you eliminate the possibility of any problems during gaming, so you can smoothly play all the games without any obstacles. Quality modded controllers provide much better experience because the gamers are typically able to achieve better results and scores, so they lead to a higher level of satisfaction. The players have an opportunity to make faster advances, so they prefer Xbox One even more. But that would not be possible without a modded controller.

modified evil XB1 controller with extended triggers

Evil Shift XB1 Modded Rapid Fire Controller

This is one of the highest quality models currently available on the market. The product has a lot of features which enable easy and simple gaming. It provides great user experience, and that’s why it deserves this review within this text.

Some games are not easy at all, however, they are much simpler if you use a joystick of this quality. Xbox One Modded Rapid Fire Custom Controller is compatible with Xbox One 5 as well as Windows 10. You can freely use it with any of these devices and software, and it should work flawlessly well. That also means you can also use it with your computer if the OS is supported there. The product includes Bluetooth technology, and you can connect both devices in that way.

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Awesome Design

This product has a suitable design that provides a comfortable gaming experience. It is made of high-quality and durable materials which work smoothly and without any problems. You can utilize the product in the long run and there should be no worries. It is prepared to handle hard work.

Custom Buttons

Custom buttons are provided in the same package with the controller, and you can set them up appropriately. That’s of course up to you because you can adjust it to your personal needs, and it is a great way to maximize your efficiency. They all have simple and fast mode change, and you can use it whenever you want to readjust them. It is definitely a suitable method to prepare for any new games by customizing the commands.

Rapid-Fire included

The Rapid-Fire feature is also available with this device, and it enables to shot quickly, precisely, and efficiently. You can surprise your opponents with fast hits in a row thanks to this function, so you can easily take advantage over them. That’s also a good technique to gain more points, better score, and achieve greater success within the short time frame.

Cheap Pricing

The product has an affordable price considering the feature and advantages it provides. You have to know it is not the cheapest Xbox One controller out there, but it is a top-notch product, and that has a price. Fortunately, this is a low one for such an excellent device, so you should not think twice when it comes to financial aspects.

The product is currently available here. The website provides a convenient and safe shopping experience, and you can purchase this device wherever you live in this country. If you are, however, abroad, you should check the list of supported countries on the official selling page on Amazon. That’s how you can find out if your country is supported or not.

Warranty Info

There is no information on the warranty, unfortunately. So that’s a clear drawback, a first one of this product. It means you will be on your own if it stops working properly, and any potential costs of reparation would not be covered by the seller or manufacturer. So you have to calculate that if you choose shopping over Amazon. The product is, however, of very good quality, so the risk of malfunctions is really low, but there is no guarantee that it will not happen.

Evil PRO XB1 Controller

This modded Xbox One controller is also a very quality one, so you can get the maximum from gaming if you choose this model. The unique design is probably the most obvious at the moment when you look at this device. There are different small pictures painted in different colors on the surface of the controller, so it is great for young games. They will definitely be delighted by the look, so it can be a nice birthday gift, for example.

This product has a lot of similarities with the controller above despite the fact that it is not the same models. The price, for instance, is quite the same, there is only a very small difference, so you would have a pretty equal level of costs no matter what of these two models you choose for yourself.

The quality of both is also at the same level, so in both cases, you get great devices which can significantly improve your game while providing an excellent user experience.

Packed with Features

A lot of features are included within the system of this device. So you can, for example, use the rapid-fire functions for extremely fast shooting, and you can combine this with the Quick Scope function that supports targeting and locking. The mixture of two typically creates a deadly combination, so you can eliminate many opponents in a short time frame. That’s why this controller is excellent for all shooting and action games. If you mostly play those, you should not miss an opportunity to get one of these.

But that’s just a tip of the iceberg, and you can find and use many more features and functions this controller provide. That’s how you can take the maximum from this device.

Complete instructions are also provided for the device, so you can find out all the details there. The controls are clearly explained, and you can learn everything you need to know. That’s particularly suitable for the beginner players, who have no experience with Xbox One, and its components.

The product is available here, and that’s one of the best places where you can make the purchase. It is only necessary to have a debit/credit card with enough funds and stable internet connection. With these two things, you can buy this product from almost any location. The product will arrive at a provided address in a week or two, so you just have to wait for it. There is, however, a possibility that some countries are restricted, so you should check the list of supported ones on the Amazon’s selling page.

Warranty Info

The warranty is not unfortunately provided for this device, and that’s the biggest drawback considering all other specifications. It is the same as in the case of the first controller from this text. You will have to cover all the costs for any potential repairs, and you cannot ask for a seller’s refund.