modified PRO gaming eSports controller for PlayStation 5

PS5 DualSense eSports Controller

Love online FPS games? Well, who doesn’t?

Even a novice gamer will tell you that a controller is the most essential aspect of, well, gaming. Of course, organic skill matters a lot. But, if you want to gain an instant tactical edge over your competitors, cutting-edge modded PS5 gaming controllers are your ideal solution.

This is where modded PS5 controllers for sale by Omega Mods come into play. These PS5 controllers come with tons of additional functionalities to enhance your gaming efficiency.


Pre-Installed Mods

These modded PS5 controllers come with tons of additional functionalities to enhance your gaming efficiency. Features like rapid-fire, auto-aim, and quick reload are just some of their few unique offerings.

With these advanced features on the Omegamods modded PS5 controller, you can take total control of your game. Boost your kill rate and, most importantly, your reaction time by taking advantage of the modded PS5 controller’s bleeding-edge features.

ps5 controller with mods

However, it is also worth noting that not all “modded” controllers are identical. There are tons of mediocre modded PS5 controllers in the market that you may want to steer clear of. If you’re spending extra bucks for an upgrade, you might as well ensure you’re getting the absolute best, like the modded PS5 controllers from Omega Mods.

Unique Features and Mod-Packs

modded dualsense vs dualshock PS5 controllers

So, why should you consider buying a modded PS5 controller as opposed to the standard units? Well, there are a plethora of technical tweaks that make Modded PS5 controllers superior to their normal counterparts. They provide a more superior and flawless gaming experience, thanks to their plethora of customized functional additions.

Usually, with a standard PS5 controller, your in-game control options are relatively limited. Even simple functions like swapping weapons and reloads can be decisive when you’re playing fps games like Call of Duty or Fortnite.

Luckily, with modded PS5 controllers, you can customize different buttons to ensure quick reloads and instant weapon swaps. On papers, these functionalities may sound menial. However, once you get to the actual gameplay, you will notice that these simple tweaks can help you to compete against seasoned opponents with ease.

But wait, there’s more!

These modded PS5 controllers come with tons of high-end practical features that make them a tier above their competitors. Here are some of their most convincing advantages.


A good controller is not just about finding and killing your opponents. Its ergonomics are just as important. First-person shooter games require switching between different buttons or paddles constantly. Not to forget the amount of time required to finish a single game. Passionate gamers spend the majority of their day holding controllers.

This is precisely why you need a controller that offers not only high-end performance but also superior comfort. Sadly, standard PS5 controllers do not address such issues. Their build material is not cut out to ensure good comfort. As a result, many gamers complain of wrist pain after a prolonged gaming duration.

Luckily, with modded PS5 controllers, you can modify them down to their grip design and material. You can choose from a multitude of material options that can provide superior grip and comfort. This addition can enhance your gaming experience by a substantial degree, especially for long-duration gaming. Superior ergonomics also means you can focus solely on the game instead of dealing with wrist pains and slippery controllers.

Enhanced Triggers & Haptic Feedback

Unlike its predecessors, PS5 controllers have a much more improved and smooth haptic feedback mechanism. What this means is that the controller feels much more responsive compared to the traditional motors. The improved haptic feedback system on the modded PS5 controller also means you can enjoy more immersive gameplay. It accurately stimulates all the in-game actions like weapon recoil and firing with great ease.

Adaptive triggers are also a noteworthy upgrade of the modded PS5 controller. This feature, in particular, elevates your in-game experience by a significant amount. It helps you to “truly feel the amount of force or tension you’re applying within the game.”

For instance, when you apply brakes on a speeding car or pull back the bowstring to shoot an arrow, you can feel the actual tension on your L2/R2 triggers. In a nutshell, the improved adaptive triggers make your game come alive!


First-person shooter games like COD involves a steep learning curve. The most frustrating aspect of playing such intense shooting games is that you can get killed easily. This is especially true for newbies who are still not quick enough to move around and aim correctly. The ultimate goal is to out-aim your opponents.

Sadly, your crosshair does not always align itself with your in-game enemies. Most of the time, you’re stuck shooting in plain air while your opponent takes your head off. Luckily, with the auto-aim mod pack on the modded PS5 controller, you can take total control of the game and eliminate opponents at ease.

The auto-aim feature, as the name suggests, helps you to automatically aim your opponents. This feature will cause your controller to place the crosshair automatically over your enemy. This will give you a much better chance of killing the enemy as opposed to shooting bullets into thin air. The auto-aim mod works consistently well both on stationary as well as running targets.

Rapid Reloading

Only seasoned gamers can comprehend the frustration of getting killed due to slow reloads. Typically, automatic guns or even pistols can take up to 3-4 seconds or more, depending on their type. This can turn out to be quite disadvantageous, especially if you’re playing high-tier games. Also, if you’re using heavy machine guns, the reload time can increase significantly.

This is where the rapid reload mod can be immensely advantageous. The quick reload mod helps in reducing your weapon reload time by a significant amount. So, no matter what type of gun you’re using, you can easily reload it and get back at eliminating your enemies. This feature is particularly handy as you can easily kill your enemies while they are still stuck trying to reload their guns.

Quick Shooting

Rapid-fire is another crucial feature that plays a massive role, especially when you’re engaged in an intense shootout. Obviously, in such scenarios, you would want to fire more ammunition as possible to boost your chances of killing the enemy. However, with standard PS5 controllers, that is not the case.

Most basic controllers do not respond well with rapid button presses. However, with modded PS5 controllers, you can just as eliminate multiple enemies using the rapid-fire mod option.

As the name suggests, the rapid-fire mod option allows you to fire ammunition at a much quicker rate. This will, obviously, give you a massive tactical advantage over your opponents and boost your killing chances. Ideally, just the combination of rapid-fire and quick reload mod options are enough to make you a killing beast.

Button Configuration

It is quite obvious that not all PS5 games use the same button configuration. Different games utilize buttons differently. This can be quite frustrating since you would have to learn button configurations from scratch for every game. This can discourage a lot of people from trying out different games. So, basically, you’re stuck with just some specific category of games that use similar configurations.

However, with modded PS5 controllers, you get something called button remapping. What this feature does is that it allows you to assign specific functions for each button. So, you can easily configure different actions for individual buttons, no matter what game you’re playing. As a result, you get a very familiar control interface irrespective of the game. That, in turn, will help you dominate every game without having to start from scratch.

Tons of options

Although looks do not technically affect the gameplay, they go a long way to boost your excitement. After all, how much fun can it be, playing with a regular PS5 controller? The aesthetics of the controller also matters a lot. Imagine a cool decal skin on your PS5 controller instead of the usual and dull one-tone finishing. It instantly lifts up your game spirit. Besides, you can also show-off your cool PS5 controller to your friends, which is always great.

Omega Mods modded PS5 controllers come with a generous number of custom options. And that includes not only additional skin options, but also an innumerable number of buttons, paddles, and thumbstick options. Basically, you can tailor-create your dream PS5 controller.


Advantages of modded PS5 controllers

modified PlayStation 5 controllers with mods

Based on the impressive list of features, the advantages of modded PS5 controllers might have become fairly apparent. The most convincing advantage of a modded PS5 controller is that it completely elevates your gaming experience. In a way, these controllers eliminate the steep learning curve involved in various PS5 games by enabling you to use several mod packs.

Mod options allow you to experience smooth and satisfactory gameplay by boosting your in-game kill rates. Not only that but modded PS5 controllers also elevate your gaming comfort. You can position the paddles according to your personal convenience to ensure they do not come in the way of your gaming performance.

Lately, modded controllers have seen a massive surge in demand amongst the gaming enthusiasts. And, one can easily see why. The sea of tactical and convenient advantages that these controllers offer makes them a tier above their traditional counterpart. However, due to their great demand, you may find many mediocre products in the market. They all come with bold and exciting claims. But, there are only a handful of quality products capable of delivering the required performance.

It is, therefore, essential that you choose only the best and genuine modded PS5 controllers. Be sure to check out their specifications and customer reviews before choosing your ideal gaming companion.

Evil Shift Modded PS5 Controller

If you are looking for a high-end controller option, you can put the Evil Shift modded PS5 controller to the list. This model is unquestionably one of the best controllers in the market at present. It comes with all the high-end gameplay mod options you can think of. In fact, Evil Shift is one of the most popular names in the market, and for all the right reasons.

They are well-known for their premium modded controller offerings. They also offer a generous number of aesthetics and performance-oriented customizing options. Also, since modded PS5 controllers are new to the market, you can take advantage of all the latest and improved features. Overall, if you’re looking to take your gaming to the next level, the Evil Shift modded PS5 controller is definitely the right option.

Why choose the Evil Shift Modded PS5 Controller?
The Evil Shift modded PS5 controller does not only look impressive on papers but is also one of the most practical options. Below are some of the standout features of the Evil Shift modded PS5 controller.

Unique design

The design of the Play Station controller has remained fairly identical for quite some time now. However, the PS5 controller comes with a new and refreshing design language. It has a more minimalistic and futuristic design compared to its predecessors. Also, the PS5 controller comes with several new additions like the adaptive buttons, built-in headphone jack, and a peculiar “create” button.

Versatile Compatibility

Another enormous benefit of a modded PS5 controller is that it comes with a versatile compatibility option. What this means is it supports a large directory of Play Station games. It can support the majority of older Play Station games as well as the new and latest additions as well. Simply put, you will not run out of game options with a modded PS5 controller.

Easy returns

Skeptical about buying a modded PS5 controller? Well, you don’t have to be! Thanks to the convenient return policy of the Evil Shift modded PS5 controller. This modded PS5 controller comes with a 14-day free trial policy. This means you can try out the controller for a full 14-day free-of-cost. Besides, their return policy is also extremely simple and hassle-free. So, if ever you decide you return the product, you can do so with great ease.


Unfortunately, the warranty is not provided for this unit. This is unquestionably its most underwhelming aspect, especially considering its other feature-rich departments. However, it may come as a comforting sense to know that the product is highly reliable. Not to forget, it also comes with a fairly mid-tier price tag. So, the investment is not as substantial compared to other flagship-tier PS5 controllers.

It is also comforting to know that the majority of previous buyers are extremely satisfied with the purchase. They rave high praises of their modded PS5 controllers. Hence, despite the lack of a warranty, the product is highly reliable, and its quality is quite reassuring as well.

Evil Master Mod PS5 Controller

The Evil Master Mod PS5 controller is yet another impressive and cutting-edge offering that you can consider. With the Master Mod option, you can enjoy a dominant gameplay, thanks to the plethora of unique mod packs. Simply put, the Evil Master Mod PS5 controller maximizes your in-game performance by enhancing your aim, reload, and firing skills.

With the master mod, you can get access to almost every in-game mod option you can think of. Features like rapid-fire, auto-aim, auto-scope, and button remapping allow you to enjoy much more satisfactory gameplay. The master mod feature practically improves every aspect of your gameplay to boost your winning chances.


The quick-scope mod option particularly comes in handy when you’re playing fps game. As you might have guessed, quick-scope is ideal when you’re playing a sniper role in the game. It automatically places the scope above the target so you can easily take them out as soon as you see them. The quick-scope mod works smoothly and quite accurate as well. What is even better is that it works accurately for both stationary and mobile targets.


Jump shot mod is one of those options that are quite easy to ignore. But it comes in real handy when it comes to the actual gameplay. A jump shot is one of the most difficult skills to execute. Even seasoned gamers find this skill particularly hard to implement. A jump shot can be useful in various scenarios. You can use it as a surprise element to catch your enemies off-guard. You can also use it as a defense mechanism to attack your enemies while also throwing their aim off.


Aimbot is one of the most notorious mod features that allow you to automatically lock your target. So, instead of having to adjust your crosshair, the aimbot will automatically place it above the target. You can take out enemies as soon as you see them on the map without adjusting your crosshair.

As such, aimbot reduces both your time and energy. You can just stand and pile up your headshot count without breaking a sweat. The accuracy of the aimbot is typically very high, so you can easily eliminate your enemies. However, if you are not stable with your controls, you can mess up the crosshair positioning. Thus, it is essential to master your control stability if you want to harness the optimum benefit of aimbot.

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