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PS4 Controllers with an Edge

Buy modded PS4 controllers for sale by Omega Mods. We have modded controllers for PlayStation 4 with rapid-fire, auto aim, quick reload and many more features. A good PS4 controller can help you to play games better with a higher level of efficiency and accuracy.

Unfortunately, not all of the controllers have the necessary features and capabilities, so it is recommended to choose only the highest quality ones. That’s how you can get maximum from gaming while achieving the best results.


Flawless Gaming with Mods & Features

These models provide an amazing gaming experience, so you can play any PS4 game without any issues caused by your controller. The devices from the list below provide many features and advanced functions. For example, you have an opportunity to change your weapons faster than usual. You can also shot and move quicker, and that provides a nice advantage over your opponents in the game. To compete against you properly, they will also have to have the same type of controller, but it is not always common, so you can win many games thanks to this advantage. You can even beat stronger opponents this way, and that’s an excellent opportunity for gamers.

scuf vantage ps4 pro controller


Quality modded controllers for PS4 allow you to reload your weapons in a fast manner. If you wait too long to change ammunition, you might lose your advantage over an opponent, and that can cost you life in the game. However, the modded controllers are there to support you when it comes to that matter, so you can add new ammunition and reload your weapons in seconds. It provides a new advantage for you because your opponents will typically require more time to finish that task. So you can eliminate them with ease during this gap.

Precision Aim

Many prefer action PS4 games which include various kinds of weapons. That also includes some proficient virtual snipers, for example. These can be very precise if you know how to use them properly. And the modded controller can help you achieve the maximum while shooting from these. They work perfectly fine with any game, so you can use all kinds of weapons in the best possible manner. You can surprise your opponents with frequent and precise shoots, and it can provide you an excellent advantage. That’s how you can win the game as easy as possible.


Many of the high quality modded controllers have an auto-aim feature that can help you while targeting at your opponents. The controllers with such the functions do everything automatically, so you do not need even to move your hands and fingers when it comes to that matter. As soon as your opponents appear in the screen, the controller will target them, so you just need to press a shot button, and they will be dead. That’s definitely the best way to get some easy headshots and make more points in the games.

Ergonomic Buttons

Good modded controllers usually fit a game perfectly. You do not need to push buttons, too strong, too long, or too slow if you want to achieve some movements. Modded PS4 controllers work smoothly and without any issues. The buttons are perfectly customized to make a great combination between your hands and game. So you can reach your goals with a low effort. Besides, they also provide some other functions and features, so you can manage any games easily from the beginning to the end.

Affordable Prices

We at Omega Mods pay attention to the price of our gamepads as well. It is an important aspect, especially these days when many people suffer from different financial products. You are a lucky one if you have an opportunity to find a quality product at an affordable price. And this article gives you an opportunity to just that. You can get great PS4 gamepads with mods cheaply, so you can protect your budget while buying a high-quality product.


The rapid-fire mod is probably the most popular one to add to your PS4 controller. Rapid-fire will do just as the name suggest; let you fire rounds from your weapons at a much faster rate. This will turn your sniper into an AK47, and who doesn’t want that? All our modified PS4 gamepads has the rapid-fire modification included. And before you ask: No, you will not get banned using this mod.

Things to Know Before Buying a Modified Controller

back buttons on modified PlayStation 4 controller

It is important to understand the changes and improvements in the PlayStation 4 market. The technology advances fast so new models are hitting stores and shops all over the world regularly. The demand for these devices grows as well. Many people play games constantly, so they always want the best possible experience. These controllers provide just like that, so a lot of players want to use them. A strong demand and fast growth force manufacturers to compete against each other, so they are giving their maximums when it comes to innovations and improvements. That’s why many new models are hitting the market every month, and they are usually made for the current year.

For example, if you check the best PS4 controllers currently available, you will notice that they are designed and developed for the current year you presently live in. If this is 2019 and you use a controller developed for 2016, you will definitely fall behind. It is especially true when you compete against players which your top-notch technology products. So it is recommended to always get the best and latest PS4 controller.

What's Modded PS4 Controllers?

Modded PS4 controllers are an advanced type of DualShock controller. They typically provide stronger and better functions, so you can enjoy different benefits while using one of these. However, you have to keep in mind the market is truly huge, and there are many models available out there. That includes even these modified controllers. So you have to pay attention to the specifications before choosing the right one for yourself.

You will maybe not find the best controller at first, however, there are definitely various models suitable for everyone. That’s, in fact, the purpose of this text as well. If you continue reading, you would find interesting details about the most quality modded controllers currently available on the market.

Evil Shift Modded PS4 Controller

This modded PS4 controller is definitely one of the best on the market. That’s because it provides many opportunities to the users, so they can use different features and functions to reach their goals with ease during the gaming activities. It gives you a possibility to do things just like they are mentioned in the text above. For example, you can use a rapid-fire feature, you will shoot smoothly and very fast.

The producers of this product guarantee, you will get the fastest fire currently possible, and that’s something you have to try definitely. It provides a nice advantage over your competitors, and you can eliminate them quickly and efficiently. That’s particularly true if they use the regular, old and outdated joystick. They cannot compare with this one at all.

faded paint on PS4 controllers

Design & Appearance

The design, appearance, and look of this controller are also advantages comparing other models. They are made with a custom color changing shell which means this product has a chameleon changing feature. With a change of light, the controller also changes colors, and that’s really an interesting feature. Young players are typically amazed by it, and it gives a charm to the product.


However, this is definitely just the time of the iceberg when it comes to the functions and features. This product has many more of these, and they are all useful and quality. For instance, Master Mod enables the most of this feature. It is a user-friendly and easy to use a function that provides many opportunities, so you should definitely take advantage of that fact while using this controller. It contains many features within itself, and that includes Quick Scope, Active Reload, Easy Sprint, Auto Spot, Mimic, Jump Shot, Jitter, Quick Aim, Auto Burs, and others. You can quickly figure out what this controller is capable of just by reading these details. It can surely do a lot, so you should not miss an opportunity to get if for yourself.

If any of the functions and features do not work properly, there is a small and discreet button on the body the product. It serves for restarting the device, and you can return the controller to the initial settings by clicking the button. That allows you to start all over again with the set-up procedures, so all the features and functions end up unblocked.

3 Year Warranty

The three-year warranty is also provided in the same package with this product, so your money is protected during the time frame. If you encounter any issue that is not caused just by improper playing, you can contact the seller, and they are obligated to resolve the problem or return your money back. 3 years are more than enough time, and you can buy a new controller when it expires because this model would most likely be already outdated in 2022 or 2023.

The price of this model is very affordable considering the quality and all other aspects of the device. It means you can only benefit from the purchasing. The investment is covered with the warranty, so you have nothing to lose.

Great Ratings and Reviews

Previous buyers are satisfied with the product, and they have left a lot of positive reviews. The product has gained high rating thanks to the satisfaction of the customers, and that’s a good testimony for the new buyers. So you can know it is hard to go wrong if you choose this model for yourself.

The product is available here for purchase. The website allows international shipping, so the product can be delivered to your home address even if you live abroad. That’s definitely a nice opportunity for many, especially if they cannot find this model in offline stores in their countries. Sellers often provide worldwide shipping, and you just have to wait until the product arrives at your home address. That usually takes a week or two, and you get your device after the time frame.

Evil PRO PS4 Controller

PS4 pro controller with rapid-fire

This is also a high-quality controller with different features and functions. The product allows gamers to play in the most convenient way. That’s how you can take an advantage over all of your opponents. BlackZone is compatible with almost all types of FPS games, so you will encounter no issues during gaming. You can use all the buttons with ease because they work perfectly well. You do not need to press them to strong or too long if you want to perform a particular action in the game.

Great for FPS Games

This controller is also great for shooting games due to different features, so fans of that kind of games frequently choose this BlackZone as their favorite joystick for gaming. You can expand your limits with this product, so it is quite easy to destroy your opponents in that way.

The controller allows you to set-up an appropriate mode and speed combinations among many of them. So you can first prepare your equipment in accordance with your game. The optimization typically increases chances for fast winning. There are currently 60 different mode combinations and 7 different speed combinations available for this controller. That’s clearly a quite high figure for a PS4 controller, so many might think it is pretty hard to make any adjustment. However, the truth is the opposite, thanks to the user-friendly and simple interface of this joystick.

It enables even the most basic users to implement appropriate adjustments. They will allow you to play any game in an appropriate mode and with an appropriate speed. The gaming experience is usually much better when you have an opportunity to adjust your controller. And that’s one great advantage of this model. When you gain a little experience with the interface of this device, you will even be able to change adjustments during gaming. And it is possible to do that without any interruptions of the game you currently play.

Comes with Rapid-Fire

This controller also provides a rapid-fire feature which enables very fast, strong and powerful attacks. You can shot from your weapons in milliseconds, so you can easily surprise your enemies by overtaking their fire capabilities. That’s a real power of this controller which provides a very useful advantage during gaming.

You can also set-up full auto beats mode for the hardest and most intense assaults you can create with this device. Your enemies will definitely be destroyed thanks to the strength of these attacks, so you can proceed to next levels faster.

Drop Shot Feature

There is also a drop shot feature, which is useful while you find yourself in crossfire. The function enables you to drop down to the ground in order to avoid bullets and shots of your enemies. You can also respond to their fire while you lay on the ground, so you are not helpless in that position. In fact, it is more powerful than a standing one because you are partially protected from the enemy’s attacks. They will have a hard time to hit you while you are down on the ground. But you can shot at them without any obstacles if they stand on their legs.


This controller also has the aimbot feature which is very useful when it comes to targeting and locking your opponents. The function, in fact, can do all that automatically, so you will save time and energy. When a bot performs the job, a high level of accuracy is expected. It means the shots provided this way are typically precise and deadly.

The auto-aim feature can also set-up your view by bringing down the barrel of your arms. You can certainly take advantage of your opponents, thanks to this feature. And if you are a passionate gamer, that can provide a lot of satisfaction. So you should not miss such an amazing opportunity.


The quick scope function enables you to shot instantly after you get a full resolution while targeting through the scope. The hits start in milliseconds, and they are all very precise. The controller works smoothly and provides shooting experience without any obstacles. This mode is also good for sniping, and shots can be extremely precise even from big distances when you master the technique.

By the look, this controller does not seem special. It is much more like any other regular joystick. However, no one should underestimate its capabilities. A lot of functions and features allow you to experience gaming in the best possible way. You can even win the strongest and more experienced rivals thanks to the advantage this controller provides to the users.

The price of this device is also affordable comparing all the capabilities it provides. There are a lot of much worse controllers with a similar price on the market. So when you compare them with this one, you can notice a tremendous advantage of this model. It is also suitable for people with lower budgets because it will not cost them too much.

This PS4 controller is available at their website here. The website is the most favorite place of shopping for millions of buyers from the United States and abroad. However, they will have to look elsewhere if they want to buy this model. You can, for example, check eBay or some online stores with such kind of equipment. Also, you might find this product in some offline stores in your area, for example. So you can focus on them as well.

Warranty Information

Sometimes, the warranty is not provided with this controller, so you will be on your own if the quality suddenly drops, and you lose the ability to play thee games in the normal way. The costs are not covered, and you will have to pay from your own pocket for all potential repairs. That’s definitely not an ideal thing because your investment is not protected despite the low price.

These two controllers are currently the best ones on the market. However, new models are about to hit the stores, so they will eventually lose the market battle in coming years. As already mentioned, technology advances fast, so you can expect new innovations in the next year. But that’s necessary to leave in future, and this article is focused on the current situation.


Which PS4 Modded Controller is The Best for Me?

Today, you can take the maximum from gaming with any of these two controllers. However, the first one has better design thanks to the chameleon color, and the 3-year warranty is also provided with the product. It means you are covered during the time frame, so you can have no additional costs for any potential repairs. The second model has a standard joystick design, and it is often offered without any types of warranties. It means if it stops working, you would have to buy a completely new joystick or to repair the old one in the case it is possible. These two things are disadvantages of the second model, and benefits of the first one. Other characteristics are mostly the same or equal, and there are no big differences among them.

Functions & Specifications

The specifications, functions and features of both models provide many benefits to users. They have an opportunity to synchronize heads and hands while playing games. That increases the excitement and makes the game more interesting. It is also great when it comes to your capabilities because with such controllers you can do much more.

New games that hit the market are typically more complex with the old ones, so it is suitable to have good controller. That’s how you can have much better chances to resolve any issues you might face with a regular joystick. At moments, modded controller might become a necessity due to the complexity of some games.

Are modified controllers legal to use?

Many may believe that these modded PS4 controllers are not legal thanks to the advanced features they posses. But that statement would not be true because you can buy them on a free market without any legal permission or any related problems. They are perfectly safe and totally legal, so you do not have to worry about that. It is not your fault if your opponents use some low-quality and outdated models, and you should choose only the best for yourself. These modded controllers are just like that. They can usually provide you anything you need during gaming, and you can only enjoy the opportunity of using them.

You still have to execute commands which mean it is necessary to know the game. And a modded PS4 controller will further improve your shots and movements.

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