What's FPS Strike Pack Dominator?

There’s no denying that a controller equipped with paddles offers a huge advantage while gaming. With easily accessible buttons that let you activate the face buttons without having to take your thumbs off the joysticks is incredible. A controller with additional buttons on the back is indeed objectively better. However, such devices come with premium price tags.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a cheaper alternative? Lucky for you, there is. Introducing the Collective Mind’s FPS Strike Pack PS4, a custom controller with fancy paddles minus the exorbitant price. Read on to learn more about this product.

View Strike Pack Dominator
PS4 modification attachment

The FPS Strike Pack PS4 is an innovative controller adapter that improves the overall performance of your PS4 controller. It does this by adding advanced gaming functionality.

The adapter offers instant button mapping & the newest shooter mods without nullifying your warrant or any permanent modification. All you have to do is attach it to your PS4 controller, connect the 10ft cable. Once done, you’ll gain an ultimate advantage while gaming, with unlimited control and lightning reaction times.

It comes with in-build controller mods that use an advanced control system, allowing complete control straight from the controller. FPS Strike Pack PS4 gives unmatched gaming control without the use of PC software or apps. Moreover, the FPS Strike Pack PS4 supports several mod combinations.

FPS Strike Pack Mods

rapid-reload mods

Another incredible feature of the FPS Strike Pack PS4 is the myriad of built-in mods, which you can use whenever you need them. Some of the built-in mods include:

  • Rapid Fire: It’s a MOD that can mimic controller trigger presses with incredibly high frequency. This enables you to fire rapidly in the shooter without the need to use the trigger naturally.
  • Optimized Rapid Fire: This MOD optimizes the Rapid Fire to be incredibly fast while ensuring the game registers each shot correctly.
  • Adjustable Rapid Fire: With this MOD, you can adjust the values of your favorite weapon and enjoy optimum firepower.
  • Burst Fire: This MOD allows you to convert automatic and semi-automatic guns into burst-type firepower. By turning this feature on, your weapon will shoot in bursts identical to the M16. Burst firing also helps in reducing recoil and saves ammunition.
  • Anti-Recoil: The anti-recoil MOD automatically moves the controller stick in the direction opposite to the one where your weapon is moving while shooting. As such, it makes up for vertical recoil when firing shots.
  • Turbo Melee: With this MOD, You can hold the melee button, and the Melee attack will be rapidly pressed in the shooters automatically.
  • Double Jump: You can automatically activate double jump by simply pressing and holding the jump button when you enable this MOD. This MOD is also specifically meant for use in the COD BOIII series.
  • Auto Sprint: This is a handy MOD, especially when you’re tired of pressing the left stick repeatedly to make the character sprint.
  • Hair Triggers: This MOD is quite handy for shooters. With it, you can automatically set the max value for triggers when the controller registers them.

Besides the mods mentioned above, there are other handy mods available. They include ADS, Auto Spot, Auto Hold Breath, Quick Scope, MW Jitter, IW Jitter TAC, IW Jitter, and more.

FPS Strike Pack Features

Let’s look at the features of FPS Strike Pack PS4:


The FPS Strike Pack features Ergonomic Magnetic Paddles that mimic the controller grip’s natural path for optimum comfort. This gives you the ultimate edge when gaming. Thanks to the magnetic design, you can easily add custom paddles in the future.

You can also map the paddles to the face and shoulder buttons and the R3 and L3 stick buttons. In addition, the paddles’ precise haptic feedback ensures the expected outcome each time.

One-Touch Instant Paddle Mapping

Experience the next Gen Paddle tech with on-the-go paddle mapping. Because you don’t need an App or PC, there’s no hindrance to your gameplay whenever you need to access anything. You can assign a button of your choice to the paddle whenever you want, including shoulder, face, even the right and left stick buttons.

With FPS Strike Pack PS4, you can also map the paddles with advanced MODs such as Drop Shot and Rapid Fire. The groundbreaking Turbo 2.0 system employs the paddles as activators. This enables turbo feature on any switch, but only when required, allowing compatibility with your favorite games vs. the standard turbo.

Lag-Free Cable Connection For Tournament Gameplay

The FPS Strike Pack PS4 also comes with a 10ft cable for smooth, lag-free gaming, making it perfect for tournament players. The wired connection offers the much-needed advantage in tournament play. Also, there’s a feature called the Mod-free mode, which enables only the paddle mapping functionality for every tournament action.

Fully Mod Your PS4 Controller

The device comes loaded with several advanced controller MOD combinations. The MOD pack incorporates them all without nullifying any warranty. Turbo 2.0, Auto Run, Quick Scope, Jitter Fire, Drop Shot, Burst Fire, Rapid Fire, and more are built-in.

Several MODS like Turbo 2.0, Quick Scope, Anti-Recoil, Burst Fire, and Rapid Fire have fully customizable versions so you can adjust to your liking. In addition, the FPS Strike Pack also includes trending game-specific MODS like Motion Controlled Reload and Easy Double Jump for the COD series and Battlefield series specific MOD called Autopilot. Furthermore, it’s possible to customize your controller even more with the Hair Trigger that enables you to fire by merely touching the triggers.

Note: You can combine MODs or activate any MOD directly from the controller without using any software. Also, the innovative interface employs controller button combinations for doing it all, giving you the ultimate power right in your palms.

FPS Strike Pack PS4 Package Content

  • Manual
  • 10ft cable for lag-free gaming
  • FPS Strike Pack PS4 Adapter

The FPS Strike Pack PS4 from Collective Minds is a solid device that does exactly what it’s intended to do with perfection. It adds two paddles to your existing PlayStation DualShock controller without hindering your normal use.