What's Rapid Reload Mod?

Good functions and features can allow you to play better than without them. Not all the controllers are capable to provide such a type of service, but it is important to know that there are exceptions. High-quality joysticks provide you a list of excellent functions, and you can even add new ones in accordance with your needs. The custom controllers, for example, can be adjusted to any individual gamers needs.

So if you prefer sports games, you can add appropriate function for that genre, or if you love to play adventure games, you can add features and functions for that genre. It is the same for shooting games, which are by far most popular on the market. They are full of actions, events, and happenings, so many prefer those games. Usually, they are played in a multiplayer mode when a lot of games compete against each other. The best are those who are virtually unbeatable.

How to Use The Fast Reload Feature?

Rapid-reload can have many advantages in FPS games, and many gamers knows this. These gamers often use advanced features that allow them to perform different types of actions in a better way. The Fast Reload feature is one of these. It enables you to reload your weapon extremely fast, while other players have to lose much more time for the same type of action. That’s how you can take advantage over them.

In an active battle, it is extremely important to have your weapons loaded because it is the best way to defend yourself and eliminate opponents. If your firearm is constantly loaded, you have better chance to gain more points and higher scores. Of course, there are simple step by step instructions on how to use this feature properly, and you can find more details on that matter in the text below.

rapid-reload mods

To start:

  • Press the mod button on the backside of your controller
  • Top Square Tab – The Led light will start shining blue. The feature is ready to begin when you notice the light of this color at that position, and you have to execute following commands now. To use Fast Reload, you have to click the reload tap. The modchip now takes over and executes the action. You can repeat these steps as many times as appropriate, and your weapons will always be quickly reloaded.

Different types of rapid reload mods currently available:

  • Modes one to four – A standard type of the Fast Reload feature appropriate for every Call of Duty game.
  • Modes five to seven – These modes are intended for Semtex, and you must hold it in order to operate normally.
  • Modes eight to ten – The last three basic modes are suitable for trophy system games, so you can use them there.

How to change modes:

  • Check if a mode is ON to change to another one.
  • Click the mod tab on the backside.

Press the Square button. Now a special LED should start lighting in a blue color. Stop switching the modes when your reach an appropriate mode.

How to disable rapid-reload:

  • Click the mod tad on the backside.
  • A special LED will now close down pointing out that the mod does not operate anymore.