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Build A Custom XB1 Controller

Buy custom Xbox One controllers by Omega Mods. Shooting and action games are among the most popular ones on Xbox One because boys usually prefer these types of genres. However, you should have full equipment if you want to achieve the best results while playing Xbox One games. For instance, controllers are usually provided together with the console, and you cannot play the games without them.

These standard joysticks are fine, so you can typically execute all the commands to reach your goals in any of those games. The regular controllers work good, but they are still not perfect. Some features might miss, and they might be too slow or unresponsive at moments. This is why you need a custom Xbox One controller to get ahead in-game!


Features & Mod Packs for Xbox One

At first sight, there are no big differences between a standard and custom controller. They look quite the same and perform quite the same type of job. But the situation changes when you try one by one. The difference then becomes very obvious and clear. The custom controller is much better, and you can conclude that just by a single shot. It works flawlessly well and with ease. You just have carefully to touch the command and the execution is instant.

You can map and remap, and change button position, adjust the design and add many new features. It can allow you to play games in the most convenient way. That typically leads to much better results and a high level of satisfaction. That’s why you should also consider one of the custom controllers if you play Xbox One on a regular basis. It can improve your skills and you can fight against your enemies more easily with such the device. Furthermore, you can find many details on the best features and functions of the device in the article below. So you should definitely proceed with reading.


The rapid-fire feature is very useful and important during shooting and action games. It allows you to hit your opponents in milliseconds and win the game by surprise They will hardly compete you with standard controllers, so you can take all the advantage of these functions. The rapid-fire feature allows an automatic shooting as well, and that’s more than useful when you fight against many enemies at the same time. You can shoot many bullets in a short time frame, so you can even hit all of them if you want. Multiplayer games are very popular these days, and you can play them with Xbox One as well. As you know, the console is compatible with some Windows OS, so you can connect to the Internet in that way. You can join different multiplayer actions games and begin gaming.

The beginner opponents are usually easy to defeat, but the most popular games are played by millions from all over the world. So you can also find very proficient and experienced gamers with years of experience. They are much harder to defeat, especially if you use poor-quality equipment. Every type of advantage is important and can be even decisive when you face such rivals, so these are moments when you see the real value of a quality custom controller. it gives you a nice advantage over your enemies, so you can even defeat more experienced players. And it is very hard to defend from the rapid-fire feature because you shoot a lot of bullets in a single second.

Button Remapping

As mentioned, there are numerous games you can play with Xbox One, and many of these are quite similar. For example, you can find a number of shooting games, which have quite the same platforms and characters. They also use the same types of weapons, and you could become familiar pretty easy if you played at least one from the list. However, there is typically one problem when it comes to that matter. These similar games usually use different commands to perform the same types of actions, so that’s the most confusing thing. They look the same, but they do not execute a command when you press the button. So you have to learn all over again for each of these platforms, and it can take a lot of time and energy.

Fortunately, custom Xbox One controllers provide a solution for this issue as well. And the button remapping feature is the place where the trick lies. You can simply set-up the same functions for all the similar games, so you can use the same commands for shooting, moving and while performing any other types of actions. This is, in fact, an excellent function that allows you to be familiar with unknown games. If you can do the same things by using the same commands, the playing would become much more fun and simple. You will not lose too much time to learn and get familiar with all the commands, so you can make fast advancements through different gaming platforms.

XB1 custom controller gamepad

Aimbot Mod

In multiplayer games, you typically have many opponents, and they compete against you at once. Some gaming platforms are not overly big, so all of you would fight against each other in a quite small place. When that happens, you have to find a good cover, and you have to be quite good at targeting and shooting. The experienced players are often proficient due to the vast experience, but the beginners might face various difficulties to compete at an appropriate level. Fortunately, they can take a nice advantage if they use a proper custom controller. One of these can allow them to use the aimbot feature which is very helpful when it comes to targeting and locking your enemies. The function is very accurate no matter if your target standing or moving, so you would be able to provide precise shots while using it.

Quick Reloads

Weapons typically have a limited number of bullets in their cartridge, so you have to reload them when they end up empty. That’s not a big deal during regular circumstances, however, it is not very good to stay without bullets during a battle because you can easily lose your life that way. Standard controllers provide you a command where you can reload your weapons, but they are not always fully compatible with a game, so it might take some time until the new cartridge ends up into your weapon. Sometimes, it really takes too long, especially while you play dynamic multiplayer shooting games where every second is important. On the other hand, very fast reloading can give you a nice advantage over your competitors. They might lose to much time while performing this action, so you can always be a step ahead. In action games, only a moment can decide a winner, that’s why the feature is very important. Custom controllers are compatible with the functions, so it can be added to the others, so you can be well-prepared even for the hardest fights.

Simple Quick Scope Shots

This feature is definitely very useful during shooting and action games. It allows you to use your weapon in an advanced manner. For instance, you can precisely hit your opponents from far range by utilizing your sniper. The feature gives you an opportunity to provide continuous shots, so you can easily eliminate more than one enemy in the single row. You do not need to reload your sniper every time, thanks to this feature, and that’s the main point, in fact. You can shot fast and without stopping while taking serious advantage over your opponents. The sniper is a very deadly weapon, and if you know how to use it properly in a game, you can make great victories, gain more points and finally win the game in a simple mod.

Affordable Controllers

Many believe the high-quality also means a high price. However, it is only partially true. There are definitely some great controllers than have serious prices. So you have to afford big bucks in order to get one of these. But it is not always the case, and you can also find excellent custom controllers at affordable and cheap prices. They are even comparable with the prices of the standard joysticks, while the specifications of the custom ones are much better and impossible to compare when it comes to these two different types of the controllers. Many face different financial issues these days, and the authors of these texts are completely aware of the fact. That’s why you can only find affordable custom controllers in the reviews here. Regardless of that fact, they can meet all the needs and can do much more than you can even imagine.


Why Get A Custom Xbox One Controller?

back view of customized XB1 controller

The newest complex games are made in accordance with the latest technology trends, so they might be incompatible with regular Xbox One controllers. In that case, you would have a problem to execute a command and handle the game in the normal manner. That’s not something the players love, but it happens, so you should know about it. There are, however, some solutions to this problem as well. You can, for example, buy one of Xbox One custom controllers. They are typically far better than the standard ones because you have an opportunity to add new features and functions. The regular joysticks cannot be adjusted later, but custom controllers are quite flexible when it comes to that matter, so you have many possibilities with them.


There are many benefits of custom controllers and you can find different details about them in the text above. They are typically related to features, so you can shot much faster, reload quicker and achieve great precision. These functions can enable you to become a very strong player hard to compete and defeat. Also, custom controllers are typically simple and comfortable to use due to high-quality materials and smart designs.

Gaming is a favorite hobby of many. These days, people rely on technology, and it enables as to do different things including this one. You can, of course, play games in different ways. For example, smartphones are maybe the most popular electronic devices of all, and you can also use them for this purpose. Many of the games are free, and you can simply download them from the Internet. Mobile games are often very good, however, there are always some deficiencies when you play games in this way. Smartphones are developed for some other purposes, so you cannot get the maximum from them when it comes to gaming. On the other hand, you can find very popular video game consoles on the market.

Xbox One is one of these, for example. It is intended for gaming only, but you have also the opportunity to connect the device with your computer for the total enjoyment. The console is perfectly designed for the purpose, so you can play games in the most convenient way. Xbox One is a very popular console, and millions of people have been playing games in that way. There are a lot of high-quality and complex games developed for this console, so all have a possibility to find the most appropriate platforms for themselves. Genres are, of course, different, and you have to choose any in accordance with your tastes and desires.

Evil XB1 PRO Custom Gaming Controller

This is one of the quality custom controllers you can use to improve your results and efficiency while playing Xbox One. It is developed in various colors, so you can choose the most appropriate one. There are some really unique combinations when it comes to this matter, so you should pay attention to every version, especially if you want to buy it for your kid.

The product is developed with various features. The main intention is to provide the best and most comfortable gaming experience. This controller allows you to play your favorite games in a simple and convenient way, no matter how hard those platforms can be.

Soft Touch Feel Feature

That is the main purpose of the Soft Touch Feel feature. You can hold and use the controller with your hands in the long run without any potential issues thanks to this feature. It provides a comfortable surface pleasant for your skin, so you will encounter no problems during gaming. It is also important to mention that only durable and quality materials are used for the production, so the controller can last for years if it is properly used. There is also no danger to the user’s health because the materials are thoroughly tested, and you can safely enjoy the benefits it provides.

Compatible with Xbox One and Windows

The product is fully compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One 5 and Windows 10. The Bluetooth technology is also enabled for making a convenient connection with laptops, tablets and desktop computers. That’s how you can enjoy playing online multiplayer games with a lot of opponents.


The design of this device is quite unique on the market because the manufacturer gave its best to create a perfectly suitable and comfortable controller for all the users. And it really fits well to hands of many, no matter if they are kids, men or women.

Made in USA

This controller is made in the United States, so you get a benefit to purchasing a product primarily developed for the Western market according to the highest industry standards.

Cheap Price Tag

The price of this product is quite affordable comparing other similar controllers for Xbox One. There are even lower-quality models with higher prices than this one, so you cannot go wrong when it comes to financial matters.

The product is currently available here, and you can complete the purchase there. It will arrive at your home address in a week or two, and you just have to wait for it. There are no needs to go anywhere else if you prefer online shopping. The marketplace provides a convenient place for shopping with many features, and your shipment is protected.

The manufacturer also provides 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can contact them back if anything goes wrong with the product. It includes all types of malfunctions or sudden drops in quality.


Evil Shift Xbox One Wireless Controller

This is also a quality custom XB1 controller which a lot of possibilities. You can add some advanced features to the device, and you can also set-up an appropriate design in accordance with your taste and needs. Not all colors are appropriate for all, so you can change the combination if you find it necessary.

One of the most important things the product posses is a Custom Soft Touch Feel feature. It enables a fully comfortable gaming experience by protecting your hands and fingers. You can use this device in the long rung while playing games for hours without any issues and worries. That mostly because this feature provides a safe and enjoyable environment for your hands.

Wide Compatibility

This product is completely compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One 5 and Microsoft 10, so you can use it at these devices and operating systems. It also means you can play some online games thanks to this fact. Some of the multiplayer ones are really popular and exciting, so you can enjoy all the benefits of those gaming platforms with this controller.


This is a wireless product that works without cable. That’s pretty suitable during the game because wire can often interfere with your body during actions preventing you to achieve the maximal results. Fortunately, you will have no such problems with this joystick, so that’s definitely a nice advantage. You can move it up and down, right and left without any worries, just do not go too far from the console, and everything is going to be fine.

The wireless controller also means it is a battery-powered device, so you will have to recharge it from time to time. The battery is quite strong and powerful so it can last for days, and you can play games constantly during that period. The charging procedure also does not take too long, so your controller is fully recharged and ready again for several hours.

You get the charger in the same box together with the main product, so you do not have to buy it separately. That’s also a good thing because it saves your money and time. And you get a fully compatible charger that can work without issues in the long run.

Amazing Functions

It is possible to add different functions and features to this device, and they can simplify the gaming. Some of the features can help you to shot faster and more precise, others are useful when it comes to protection. You can use the most appropriate ones in accordance with your needs. So it is up to you to choose the best for yourself.

Affordable Price

The product also has a quite affordable price, so you do not need to spend big bucks in order to purchase this one. The price is even equal to some standard controllers with very few features and functions comparing this model, so you can only benefit from the purchase.

If you are interested in buying, you can find the product here. It is available there, and potential customers from all over the world can purchase this model. Still, some countries might be restricted, so it is recommended to check the list of supported ones. If yours is in, then you can buy it in the store.

Warranty Info

The lack of an appropriate warranty is the biggest drawback when it comes to this product. Any potential reparations are not covered by the manufacturer, so if anything goes wrong you will have to repair it yourself by paying from your own pocket.

Are Custom Controllers Considered Cheating?

The custom controllers are freely available on the market, so there is nothing wrong if you decide to buy one. They can only improve your abilities, however, you have to know commands in order to play any games properly. Custom controllers do not perform the job automatically, and you have to guide them. They can just refine your movements and actions enabling you to reach the maximal potential. It also means you do not cheat if you use a custom controller because you are not the only one how to use them. This piece of gaming equipment is quite popular on the market so tens of thousands use custom controllers to win the battles and eliminate the enemies.