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Build Your Own PS5 Controller

If you are searching for the perfect gaming controller, consider the latest and best custom PS5 controller for sale by Omega Mods! Any gaming enthusiasts will tell you that the controller is the nucleus of the entire venture.

A large part of your in-game experience depends on the smoothness and responsiveness of your controller. Thus, it is extremely crucial to equip yourself with a smooth and reliable PS5 custom controller.


Customizing A DualSense Controller

This is where the innovation and convenience of custom PS5 controllers come into play. These controllers not only offer a smooth gaming experience but also elevate your in-game performance bar by a substantial degree.

Custom PS5 controllers come packed with tons of additional in-game mods. These mods help in boosting some of the most crucial in-game aspects like quick reload, rapid firing, and target-locking precision.

customized Scuf gaming PS5 dualsense controller gamepad

Features & Mods for Custom Controllers

DualSense ps5 custom controller with rapid-fire

Omega Mods custom PS5 controllers come packed with a broad spectrum of unique features and mod-packs to give you an edge over your opponents. Irrespective of what game you’re playing, custom controllers provide just the right amount of technical tweaks to ensure you stay on top of your game.

Not every gamer is blessed with superior mechanical skills. This is precisely why you may find yourself constantly getting outplayed by your opponents. Luckily, this is where the custom PS5 controller’s advanced features come in handy.

Usually, with traditional PS5 controllers, your in-game functionalities are limited down to the bare minimum. This limits your in-game performance by a considerable amount. Not to forget how irritating it can get when you give out free kills just because you couldn’t switch your weapon in time. That is just one minor example of how inefficient controllers can ruin your in-game experience.

Luckily, with custom PS5 controllers, you can kiss goodbye to all such nuances. They offer every tactical advantage you can think of, so you do not become a mere standing target for your opponents. With Custom PS5 controllers, you can control the flow of the game and eliminate enemies at will.

They do this by giving you access to a wide array of in-game mechanical modifications that are otherwise unthinkable with standard controllers.

Aimbot Target Lock

Typically, when you’re playing intense fps games, the most crucial skill set required is precision aiming. How else do you expect to eliminate the enemies? Unfortunately, this is where the majority of gamers, especially newbies, struggle.

More often than not, you may find yourself firing into thin air, while the enemy is busy trying to score a headshot. This is especially true when you’re stuck in an intense scenario, and you enter into panic mode. That is precisely where everything goes down the drain.

Luckily, the aimbot mod takes care of that, completely! What this mod does is that it automatically locks the visible targets. You don’t have to move around, trying to adjust the crosshair.

The PS5 aimbot accurately locks down the targets, making it easier for you to kill them without breaking a sweat. What is even better is that it works consistently well, even on moving/jumping targets as well.

Button Remapping

Different games come with different gameplay and button configurations. You can find quite a generous number of Play Station games that belong to the same fps category. Now, you might imagine that the controls will also remain identical since they have similar gameplay.

However, that is not the case for many games. In fact, you may find many games with identical gameplays with completely opposite button configuration. You can only imagine how frustrating it can get when you have to start learning a whole new set of in-game commands from scratch.

This is another crucial area where custom PS5 controllers come to your rescue! Instead of having to memorize unique button configurations for every game, you can simply use the “button remap” mod. And, yes! That is exactly what it sounds like.

The button remapping feature allows you to configure the buttons yourself. So, if you are familiar with a specific set of button configuration, you can use the same for all other games. This way, you can perform consistently on every game and assert your dominance.


Rapid-fire is another vital custom mod option that enhances your chances of killing enemies quickly. Usually, when you get caught under your enemies’ crosshair, the best chance of survival is to fire back as much as possible.

Sadly, with traditional PS5 controllers, the firing rate is fairly limited. You can only do so much to survive if your controller does not give you a fair chance. Luckily, the custom PS5 controller offers an ideal solution in the form of a rapid-fire mod pack.

As you might have guessed, rapid-fire allows you to fire weapons at a significantly higher rate than the normal controller. The best thing about this unique feature is that it works efficiently with every type of gun.

So, irrespective of what weapon you’re using, the rapid-fire mod transforms it into a killing machine. It comes in handy, especially in scenarios when you’re using slow-firing weapons like a sniper rifle.

Adaptive Triggers

The addition of a unique and high-tech adaptive trigger is one of the most exciting features of a custom PS5 controller. It is, in fact, one of the biggest upgrades you get on PS5 controllers.

The main objective of adaptive triggers is to offer a more immersive and reality-oriented gameplay experience. They do this by mirroring several in-game actions more accurately. So, depending on the game you’re playing, you can physically feel the tension or pressure you’re applying within the game.

For instance, if you’re playing racing games, you can truly fell the difference between a smooth and rough surface. Similarly, you can feel the pressure of a tightly stretched bow on your L2/R2 triggers. One really neat feature of this adaptive trigger is that it gets blocked when your gun jams. So, you can either unjam it or quickly switch to your secondary gun without getting killed.

Sleek & Comfortable Design

Another thing that is sure to blow you away is the sleek and modern design of the custom PS5 controller. Unlike all the previous iterations, the PS5 controller with a coat of new and refreshing design profile.

It now features a sleeker and a rather futuristic design that is perfectly suited for 2020. Ergonomically, the PS5 controller is more comfortable to hold. This means you can play for hours on end without dealing with wrist pains.

Besides, you can also choose from a wide variety of faceplate options if you want to give it a more gaming-Esque aesthetics. You can also add custom thumbsticks that are better and more comfortable than the standard ones. Overall, you get a very modern looking controller with top-of-the-line comfort. This helps you focus solely on the game without dealing with wrist pains and poor ergonomics.

Affordable Controllers

The majority of gamers will not care about all the impressive list of cutting-edge features if the product is not affordable. And one can understand why. No matter how much you love playing games, you still need to pay bills.

So, the ideal solution would be to get hold of a flagship quality PS5 controller that does not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. That is precisely what this custom PS5 controller offer.

You can customize your PS5 controller according to your ideal budget. This way, you can only add extra features that you think are necessary and get your dream custom PS5 controller at your comfortable price.


Advantages With Customized PlayStation 5 Controllers

PS5 gamepad with aimbot hacks

To begin with, they provide a smooth and unparalleled gaming experience like no other. Every gamer has their individual preference when it comes to controllers. Some like to stick with the old-fashioned basic controllers, while others prefer customized units that can offer high-end gaming experience.

The Omegamods custom PS5 controllers are cut out specifically to quench the thirst of such enthusiastic gaming junkies. You can imagine Customized PS5 controllers as a regular controller on steroids.

Customized controllers are especially helpful for people who struggle to compete at high-tier levels. They help boost every minor aspect of your gameplay – from precision aim to jump shots. As a result, you feel more confident matching up against seasoned players. Overall, PS5 custom controllers ease your learning curve so you can directly start competing with the best players.

Besides, it is also more convenient playing with customized PS5 controllers due to the wide array of mod-packs. Not to forget, the effortless gaming experience due to the addition of extra shift buttons/paddles.


How Custom PlayStation 5 Controllers Work

updated PS5 evil controller firmware

Technically, a custom PS5 controller is identical to its standard counterpart. However, the customized version comes with several technical tweaks that make them a par above the usual controller. A custom controller will meet all your needs and offer the best possible flawless gaming experience.

Usually, the customization process starts from a very basic stage, like adding new skin decals to your controller. This, of course, is purely for aesthetic purpose. After that, you can move on to more practical customization options like selecting shift paddles/buttons. You can also choose to add the remapping feature to the paddles. Next, you can decide if you want to stick with the standard thumbstick or upgrade it.

Lastly, you can choose if you want to install mod-packs into your PS5 custom controllers. The good thing about this is that you can either choose between a rapid-fire mod or an all-out master mod.

Apart from that, there are tons of other customization options you can explore. No matter what, you will end up with a custom PS5 controller of your dreams!

Evil Shift Pro Gaming Controller for PlayStation 5

Looking for a high-end custom gaming controller for PlayStation 5? Look no further than the Evil Shift Pro gaming PS5 controller. This model is unquestionably one of the best and also the most reliable one in the market at present. It is one of the crowd favorite controllers, especially amongst seasoned PlayStation gamers, and for all the right reasons.

The Evil Shift Pro gaming controller for PS5 is ideal for people with a fairly proficient in-game skill set. They come with some crucial upgrades like the Evil thumbsticks, button remapping, and tactile triggers. However, they do not include any mod packs like aimbot, jump shots, and quick scope. This is primarily why the Evil Shift Pro custom PS5 controller is legal even for use in competitive games.

Feature Overview

Evil Thumbsticks

Only true gaming enthusiasts can understand the significance of having a high-quality and smooth thumbsticks. The problem with regular thumbsticks is that they are slightly stiff and, hence are not very responsive. As such, it becomes difficult to use them in intense situations where you need to react quickly.

On the other hand, evil thumbsticks are far more superior, both in terms of comfort and precision. They are also highly responsive, and you can get them in three size options.

Included paddles

The inclusion of paddles is another key feature that separates the Evil Pro custom controller from the regular one. You can use the paddles for various in-game actions as per your preference. They are also placed in an ideal place where you usually keep your fingers.

As such, you can easily use them without having to awkwardly stretch your fingers. The extra paddles give you a mechanical advantage over your opponents. They also make you more agile and help you to respond quickly as well.

Great pricing

You may think their price tag may be quite bulky for all the cutting-edge features you get out of the Evil Shift Pro gaming PS5 controller. However, that is not the case. The controller’s price tag is fairly reasonable, especially if you compare it with other similar products.

If you fancy purchasing a premium custom PS5 controller that also does not disrupt your pocket limit, this is just the right model for you! What’s even better is that you get a 14-day free trial period. They offer an easy and hassle-free return policy.

Evil Master Mod Customized PS5 Controller

The Evil Master Mod customized PS5 controller is an all-out gaming beast. If you want maximum performance out of your controller, this model ticks all the boxes. Unlike the model mentioned above, the Master Mod version comes packed with all the performance-enhancing features. However, as a result of their gameplay-enhancing mods, these controllers are usually not suitable for use in professional games.

The Master Mod PS5 controller offers you every form of tactical and mechanical advantages imaginable. If you’re someone who struggles to match up with proficient gamers, this model will elevate your gameplay to the highest level at an instant. In brief, it will help you to learn faster and play with top-tier opponents without breaking a sweat.

Feature overview


There are many dumb ways to get killed when you’re playing intense fps games. Slow reload is undoubtedly one of those things. It can be highly frustrating when you’re playing exceptionally well, but end up giving out a free kill die to reload downtime.

Luckily, the quick reload mod helps you get rid of this particular problem. It decreases your reload time by a considerable amount so you can get back to eliminating your enemies. The reload mod is also compatible with most weapons. So, irrespective of your choice of weapon, it will allow you to reload quickly and fire back before your opponents do.

Tactical Rapid-Fire

Tactical rapid-fire is another prominent feature addition that helps you to out-perform your opponents in any scenario. Usually, with regular controllers, the rate at which you fire ammunition is fairly limited. This can be quite problematic in situations where you need to take out multiple targets at once. Luckily, with rapid-fire, you can do exactly that.

So, while your opponents are trying to find the right shot, you can overwhelm them with a barrage of bullets. Another neat feature is that you can control the firing speed.

Drop shot

The drop shot mod pack is one of the toughest skills to master in first-person-shooter games. Drop shot, as the name suggests, refers to a tactical movement that includes shooting your enemies while you drop down to the ground. This feature comes in handy when you’re caught in the crossfire.

The feature allows you to automatically drop down to avoid getting killed. This allows you to escape the enemies’ crosshair while also giving you an ideal firing position.


This controller comes with 0-3 months warranty, with extended warranty up to 12 months. The same applies to the other product mentioned above. Now, to most people, the absence of a warranty certificate may sound like a deal-breaker. However, you have to remember that this custom PS5 controller comes with a generous number of positive attributes to make up for it. Not to forget, its pricing is also very reasonable.

Besides, if you look at the product’s online reviews, you will find that it enjoys a very positive reputation. Overall, even if you take the no-warranty deal into consideration, the product still offers an incredible deal.

Additional Information

Custom PS5 controllers are especially ideal for first-person shooter games like Call of Duty (COD). These games are highly intense and require a good deal of in-game awareness and quick response time. Custom PS5 controllers provide every in-game advantage you can think of – from auto aim to jump shots. The result? You can dominate your opponents in any scenario.

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