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Build Your Own PS4 Controller

Millions of people play PS4 games on a regular basis. It is one of the most popular consoles, and there are so many games you can play with this device. Gamers, however, know very well, not all the games are the same, so the differences can range from minor to very serious.

Some games are very simple, so they do not require too much skill. It means you can play them without any special pieces of equipment. But there are also complex games which require much more than those simple ones, that’s where custom PS4 controllers come in.


Features & Mods for Custom Controllers

Pro Custom Evil Controller for PS4

Our custom PS4 controllers for sale can have more or fewer features, and it also depends on your needs. If you want you can add various functions, but you are not obligated to do so in the case they are not necessary for the game. In the text below, you will have an opportunity to find out more about the most common and the best features PS4 custom controller can currently have.


Shooting games and those with a lot of action are favorite ones for many players. Such games are typically the most popular, so the competition is usually very strong in a multiplayer mode. It is the moment when you have to shine if you want to achieve a good result and win the tournament or move up to the next level. The skills are of course very important to complete your missions successfully, so you have to learn the game first. When you gain some knowledge of the commands, and when the platform becomes familiar, you will play the game much easier than at the beginning. However, you should be aware of the fact that some gamers might play that game for years, so they are extremely hard to compete. But everything is possible if you have the right approach.

The custom PS4 controller can be a nice solution here because it can significantly improve your shooting skills thanks to the rapid-fire feature. That’s the function you should not forget while adjusting your joystick. It enables to shot at your enemies in a very fast manner. For less than a millisecond, you can hit any of your opponents, so you can simply win the game by surprising your competitors with extremely fast hits. If your opponents you outdated and low-quality controllers, then you will easily exceed their shooting abilities. This feature is extremely important or even necessary in FPS games because it allows you to rapidly eliminate all your enemies without losing too many points during the fights. Also, the fast and notable success can generate you more points, so you can rank better in a shorter time frame, thanks to this feature.

Extra Fast Reload Times

This is also an important feature when it comes to action gaming. If you can reload your weapons faster than your enemies, then you would take a nice advantage over them, so you will have better chances to win the fight, make more points, advance quicker, and reach new levels as soon as possible. Those who use some outdated controllers might encounter issues with reloading especially if they play some of the new complex games.

However, the fast reloading is necessary in the case you want to increase the efficiency, so you should not lose that opportunity with some poor-quality joysticks. When you reload your weapons in a short time frame, it is more likely you will make more damage to your opponent, and that’s particularly useful during multiplayer games. At this moment, you typically compete against a lot of opponents, and faster reloading rate is suitable for multiple shots.

Improved Aim & Accuracy

The improved aim are usually very useful when it comes to FPS games. The accuracy is typically improved if the bullet travels with extreme speed to the target area. That’s how you can hardly miss your enemies, so they will encounter greater losses during the fight against you.

The fast shots increase your efficiency for large distances, and you can provide precise headshots, which are extremely deadly. If you are, for example, a fan of shooting games, you are aware of how firing from a sniper can be fun and exciting. That’s why this controller provides, and you will enjoy even more because of the high accuracy. Shooting from sniper is interesting, but it is the best when you succeed to hit and eliminate your target. The custom PS4 controller can improve your targeting and shooting skills, so you can even successfully compete more experienced opponents. Your score will definitely be better, so you will also rank higher thanks to that fact.

Auto-Aim Feature

Targeting and locking the opponent during the action is not always an easy task. You can often fail to complete it properly, and it is the part of the process of playing for many. That’s of course, true if you play in a manual way without any help from advanced devices. Still, a custom controller typically has an auto-aim feature, and you can also enable it for your joystick. This feature allows you to target and lock your opponents automatically. You do not even have to do anything if the auto-aim function is one.

The controller will perform all the necessary actions, and you just have to pull the trigger. These kinds of hits are usually highly accurate, so the mortality is high as well. Many use this function to provide precise headshots which are typically the deadliest of all other types of hits. You can also use the same strategy to make serious losses to your opponents. They will have a hard time to beat you if you use the auto-aim instead of the manual targeting.

Button Remapping

This function is also available with most of the custom controllers, so you should definitely enable it too. Button remapping is very useful because you can find numerous PS4 games, and all of them assign different controls to different buttons. That can be quite confusing and can take a lot of time from player until one becomes familiar to the new button map. Fortunately, with the button remapping feature, you do not need to have such the problem because you can remap all the controls in accordance with your needs and previous experiences. That can allow you to get familiar with the game in the short time frame because you can also use the same controls from the previous games you have already mastered.

It is clearly a very useful tactic that increases your efficiency and makes every game simple for the users. This feature is maybe the most important of all because of that fact. It provides an attractive gaming experience while simplifying the actions.

Affordable Prices

The financial issues might force many to look for some cheap alternatives when it comes to purchasing PS4 gamepads. However, you do not need to compromise on the quality because you can also find great products at affordable prices. You just have to have an appropriate approach and the right strategy. Some stores, for example, provide excellent discounts, so you might search for products at those cheaper prices if you encounter any types of financial difficulties. The best custom controllers for PS4 are the highest quality ones, but they have to be affordable too in order to end up selected within the category of the best products.

It is important to know that custom joysticks usually have quite the same prices as modded PS4 controllers, so there are no differences between the two when it comes to that matter. They are maybe more expensive than some outdated and poor-quality controllers, but they are definitely affordable when you consider all the features and functions. The warranty is also often provided with many models, so your money stays protected if you choose to buy any of these.


Advantages With Customized PlayStation 4 Controllers

evilcontrollers ps4 back buttons custom

The biggest benefit you can get from this type of PlayStation 4 controllers is that you can customize it in accordance with your needs. Usually, every part can be properly adjusted, so you can set-up them completely from the first to the last command. You can also position the buttons in the best way, so you can have no problems to execute commands conveniently.

The custom PlayStation 4 controller for sale here at Omega Mods allows you to add the newest features and functions which are not available for the standard joysticks. That’s the best way to maximize your efficiency and win your battles with minimal efforts. So it is not hard to conclude custom controllers can be far more powerful than regular ones, and you have an opportunity to take advantage of that fact if you use any of those.

Gaming on a pro level often includes an appropriate custom PS4 controller because the new and complex games might require some advanced functions. If you have some outdated or low-quality joystick, you might lose the ability to play one of these complex games in a normal way, so that can be a serious problem for a gamer. The solution is, of course, to find an appropriate controller in accordance with the game requirements. That’s how you can avoid any potential problems and obstacles. As you likely know, the market is very big, and there are numerous products out there.

That also includes all kind of PS4 controllers you can find on the free market. The quality of these also varies and it can go up from the poorest ones to the most quality controllers. If it is new, it does not necessarily mean that it is quality, so it is important to check the specifications, features, functions and any other important available details. That’s how you can avoid making any mistakes. Typically, for the advanced games, you have the same type of joysticks. That means you have to choose modded or custom ones depending on your needs. Some games are special so they also have special requirements that only special joysticks can meet. In that case, you will need a custom controller that is particularly adjusted to that type of the game.


How Customizing A PS4 Controller Works

customized ps4 controller diy

However, it is necessary to understand that the custom controller is a separate category when it comes to this kind of product. And you also have many different models within the category. It means not all the custom joysticks are the same by specifications, capabilities, and capacities. Some of these models can be customized to your particular needs, enabling you to play your favorite game in the most convenient way.

The customization of PS4 controllers typically starts at different features and functions, but it can include the entire controller. For example, the design and construction of the device can be entirely adjusted you your needs. The placement of the buttons can be also covered by this type of customization, so you can get a great product that perfectly fits your needs.

This type of adjustments is usually very suitable for professional gamers who play for a living. They can maximize their results with upgraded and customized controllers, so that’s a very beneficial thing in that case.

But all can experience the magic of such devices, especially passionate PS4 players. The gaming experience is usually much better with custom controllers, and you can manage games in a fun and simple way.

At moments, this might sound quite complex, however, some online stores and marketplaces offer various types of customizations. For instance, you can buy a controller at any of these places and send them your requirements. They will adjust the joystick in accordance with your needs, so you will get what you need. The entire procedure is very simple, and you just have to provide basic guidelines for the customization.

Evil PRO Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 is definitely one of the best custom PS4 controllers currently available on the market. It is an extremely popular device that many prefer. That’s why it has gained thousands of positive reviews and generate millions of sales. The rating is, of course, very high too, and all these facts testify on the quality of the product. If you are looking something really good, then you should certainly consider this controller.

This device is not maybe the newest on the market, however, it is very practical, so you can perform different kinds of customization in order to get the necessary adjustments. Various features and functions are available, so you can set-up the appropriate ones.

Compatible With Most Games

This controller is fully compatible with most of the games, so it works smoothly and flawlessly well. You do not need to press the buttons for too long or too strong, you can just simply and easily touch them to execute any commands. Also, they deliver your command instantly, so there are no obstacles and blockades during the game.

While using this joystick, you will have total control over every aspect of all the compatible games. It maximally simplifies the experience, increases your efficiency and provides the best gaming experience.


There are many advantages when it comes to this device, and they are all worth mentioning. For example, this custom controller is wireless as well, and that’s g a great thing for many reasons. A cable can often interfere with different items or your body preventing you to play in the most efficient way. But with this controller, you will have no such problems, so you can conveniently play every game.

Button Command Configuration

Besides, this joystick also has sharing buttons together with those for command execution. They allow you to share various gaming moments during the playtime and you just have to press an appropriate sharing button to execute that command. You can also upload all kind of screenshots and videos from your system, thanks to these buttons.

Other features

The controller also has some revolutionary features such as a built-in speaker, touchpad, and integrated light bar aside from the mod packs. These are not very common, so they are somehow special and unique on this controller. They can help you to interact with your opponents and other players ina simple and efficient way. That’s very useful during the multiplayer games, which are by far the most interesting gaming platforms of all.

This product comes in the same package with the charger. As mentioned, this is the wireless controller, so it is a battery-powered device as well. The battery is reloadable, and you have to charge it when the energy drops out. That’s the only way for the controller to work normally. However, it is important to know that the battery works very well and very long after charging. You just have to recharge it fully, and that’s it. The procedure is user-friendly and completely simple. It is quite the same as you charge your smartphone, for example. There is nothing complicated there. The charger has a USB cable that comes into the controller and from the other side, it goes in the outlet, just like the mobile phone charger.

Cheap price

This controller has a truly affordable price, and it is, in fact, very cheap. There are many models of the worst quality with much higher prices, so you cannot go wrong if you choose to buy this device. That’s very suitable information for those with low budgets. Most of them will still succeed to afford this product without any obstacles.

The design is also nice, and the product is provided in several different colors. Potential buyers have an opportunity to choose the best among them in accordance with their tastes. That’s of course, up to you.

The product is available here, so you can find it and buy it. Some sellers provide worldwide shipping, and that’s a great opportunity for those who live abroad. The waiting period is typically between one and two weeks, however, it also depends on your current locations, so you can ask the seller for any precise information.


The warranty is not unfortunately provided with the product if you decide to purchase it on Amazon, and that’s the biggest drawback definitely. You are on your own if anything happens with the controller, and you will have to cover the costs of all potential repairs if you choose to buy it this way. However, the price is truly low, so the risk is low too.

Evil Master Mod Wireless PS4 Custom Controller

This one is also a high-quality custom controller with strong possibilities. It can enable you to maximize your results thanks to the powerful feature and functions. The design of this device is also very nice. It is made in shiny gold color, and it looks more than good. The same model is, however, provided in many colors, but the gold one is most likely the best. It can really stand out from the crowd of others controllers, and that’s one of the points of this joystick.

This is also the wireless controller just the one above. It works in the same way, and you have to recharge occasionally. The battery is quite strong, so it can last pretty long in comparison with different wireless controller models. The charger is also provided in the same package with the main product, and you do not have to buy it separately.

This is one of the newest models on the market. It is totally compatible with PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, so you can use it with both consoles without any issues.

The controller is developed with an intention to provide maximal satisfaction and the best gaming experience to the users. The controls are greatly improved, and you can enjoy different benefits with this joystick. It can increase your efficiency and you can have much better results.

This model has a higher price than the first controller, however, the price is still very affordable considering all the features and specifications. The difference is not big as well, so that’s one more advantage when it comes to the description of this device.

This PS4 Dual hock 4 Wireless Custom Controller is available here, so you can use the opportunity to buy this great product from the comfort of your couch. It will arrive at your home address in a week or two, and you do not have to go anywhere else to purchase it.