What's CronusMax Plus?

Ever get like you wanted to play a game, but you can’t keep up with the dexterity of the controls, such as aiming and shooting? Gone are the days of figuring out how to properly aim at your enemies, as the CronusMax Plus for PS4 will make your task a lot easier as it will assist you during your gaming sessions on any type of video game.

The CronusMax Plus offers incredible mapping power over your controller, allowing you to customize the keys any way that you like. It also makes it possible for you to use any controller on any console type through the compact adapter. It is a neat and cool device for casual gamers looking for a straightforward gaming experience, whether it’s solo or with friends.

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If you have a PS4 and want to make your gaming experience easier and more fun to play without needing to become a pro at your favorite games, the CronusMax Plus is the right tool for you. The device allows gamers, both on console and PC, to have a less complicated experience on single player and online games.

To use the CronusMax Plus on your PS4, you’ll need an external USB hub to successfully install the necessary software and start using the controller through the adapter.

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What is CronusMax Plus?

The CronusMax Plus is a slim and compact USB device that you can purchase online. It allows users to add scripts onto the device, giving you an advantage over the games you play. It provides aim assist, burst fire modes, rapid fire modes, autorun abilities, drop shooting, jump shooting, etc. It has a small LED screen that displays numbers on it and a manual reset button if you want to reset the device.

Suppose you have a controller from a third party that you want to use on your other consoles, the CronusMax Plus, which is a very powerful tool, makes your wishes a reality. It even lets you use the PS4 controller on devices like the PC. The CronusMax Plus is built like a USB drive. The USB drive has to be connected to your console, and it also has to be configured through a PC so that you can start using it.

The setting up process may take a little bit of your time as it needs to be configured for it to function normally. But it’ll be all worth it as your gaming sessions will be more fun where you can dominate and execute your missions in the most convenient way possible. Playing with the CronusMax Plus enabled gives you a sense of domination and power, as it assists you in a major way. You won’t have to worry about losing to other players that are more skilled than you, as you’ll be on the same level during the game. To start using the CronusMax Plus, we’ll give you steps on how to set it up in the next section.

Setting Up CronusMax Plus with Cronus Pro Software

To start utilizing this device, you’ll need to install the Cronus Pro software. This is a software that is compatible with any latest version of Windows or Mac. This is a mandatory step because you’ll need to configure the device’s settings before you start using it on your video games. The Cronus Pro software grants you access to all the necessary options and tools like remapping your buttons, game packs, tweaking the scripting, etc.

When you’re done installing the software on your computer, click on the icon to start the application up. On the software, there are ten primary tabs:

  • Menu bar: This option gives you all the lists of tools and compilers needed to function as a whole unit. It allows you to open and save script files and make changes to the codes.
  • View: This option opens up the working panel of the software. It gives access to visual scripting, programmer, and GPC compiler.
  • Tools: This tab allows you to monitor your CronusMax Plus and how it’s functioning. You can also update to the latest software version manually through this panel.
  • Plugins: Since CronusMax Plus supports additional plugins, you can access and customize all the data for your plugins through this panel. The Plug-in tab also lets you modify the mapping of external peripherals like racing wheels and flight sticks.
  • Help: Whatever you need to know about CronusMax Plus, you can look it up on this panel. It also contains a user manual.
  • Toolbar: Using the compiler manual requires the toolbar to make necessary changes to the scripts.
  • Device monitor: The device monitor gives you access to all the information and data of the CronusMax Plus device like battery, device number, allotted memory, etc.
  • Working panels: With the help of the working panels, you can easily switch between the tabs that you’re working on.
  • Status bar: The status bar displays information on whether your CronusMax Plus device is connected and operational or not.
  • Operational mode status: This panel shows which mode of operation the CronusMax Plus device uses.

All these tabs will help you in giving the basic ideas of using the Cronus Pro software. The visual scripting makes it possible to change the mapping of your controller. Select the game you want to change the controls through the GPC Scripts menu on the Cronus Pro software. After you’ve selected the game, choose what scripting you want to utilize and click on download. The scripting is already coded so that you can simply download and use it. While these steps may take a while to get used to, they will make your gaming sessions easier. So take your time to look at the user manual provided with the software itself.

Additional Information

Not everyone is a hardcore gamer. Some people like to come home after a long day at work and load up their PS4s to game with their friends and family even though they don’t have professional skills. CronusMax Plus allows causal gamers to have fun through custom button mapping and assistance in aiming and shooting. It gives them a sense of gratification by having fun playing their favorite video games. You can buy CronusMax Plus PS4 for sale on this website that provides great deals and offers on console modifications and hardware mods to enhance your console gaming.