What's Cronus Zen?

Cronus Zen is a game-changing device built on the award-winning CronusMAX controllers. The Cronus MAX is widely regarded as the ultimate controller adapter.

Zen builds on that tradition with a cutting-edge, next-gen design. It gives gamers the most advanced controller simulation technology available. The latest Zen Studio software provides MOD scripting capacity of macros and combos that are unrivaled across the industry. Also, it boasts features such as mouse precision and an excellent keyboard. The Cronus Zen PS4 also offers a powerful crossover platform when it comes to technology related to gaming.

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Cronus Zen brings forth the full potential of your gaming console, allowing you to access more functionality than you ever did before. With Crossover Gaming, which has been completely reworked, you can now use your favorite controllers on your Windows PC. It also supports various platforms such as Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X and PS5.

It turns your console into a highly functional war machine. And without the need for any cables or chips. The best part? It will still be under warranty.

Cronus Zen Mods

Cronus Zen Keyboard and mouse plug

The Cronus Community has been able to develop dozens of MODs for both the most popular and newly released games. That includes perks such as Steady Aim, Auto Sprint, Sniper Breath, and Fast Reload. Drop Shot, Strafe Shot, Quick scope, Aim Abuse, Aim Assist, Anti-Recoil, and Rapid fire are also among the many other perks.


32K Memory Slots

When it comes to space and memory, the Cronus Zen PS4 doesn’t leave any page unturned. In order to save your Macros, Scripts, and MODs, it boasts of a total of 8 of these 32K memory slots.

To give you a gist of this readily abundant memory, take the example of the CronusMAX PLUS. The CronusMAX PLUS has options for multiple configurations along with over 10 extremely powerful MODs. Far from having 32K memory slots, it only has 4K memory slots.

To top of the comparison, the CronusMAX PLUS belongs to the category of an average size GamePack. That should be ample to give an idea of how efficient the Cronus Zen really is.

OLED Screen For Messages

Bring your MODs to the twenty-first century with the Cronus Zen. It allows you to tune your GamePacks and MODs exactly according to your needs and preferences. By making use of the GPC scripting language and open-source commands, navigate efficiently through the menu systems.
That way, you can dedicate more time to gaming than to set up the device.

Support For Headset Audio

With Cronus Zen, you can directly plug in your controllers. Be it party chat or the in-game audio, Cronus Zen offers full support. In that way, it offers a convenient solution for all circumstances. That’s because Bluetooth controllers don’t have any features to support audio. Such gamers can make use of the USB ports to connect their wired controllers.

But you won’t require a wired pass-through controller if you have an Xbox One controller. That’s because the console comes with its own wireless adapter.

Built-in Bluetooth

You won’t need to make use of any third-party adapters or expensive USB Bluetooth add-ons if you get the Cronus Zen. You can pair any controller that has Bluetooth features and is compatible with the device.

Wireless adapters for Xbox360 and Xbox One are also compatible with Cronus Zen. We would rather advise you to make use of these adapters. But you’ll have to separately purchase the Xbox wireless adapters.

Crossover Controller Support

You can use your Cronus Zen on all your favorite platforms, such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Switch. Other than the PlayStation 4, it also includes the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. It also supports Raspberry Pi, Windows Pc, and Raspberry Pi devices. Zen also gives gamers the flexibility to match and mix multiple devices, giving them more control over their playing style.

The Analog-stick control can use a keypad along with any controller of your choice. It allows MODs and scripts to program each key at the push of a button.

The Cronus Zen also supports player movement coupled with the precision of the mouse.

Keyboard And Mouse

Cronus Zen PS4 gives console shooters the best targeting accuracy and speeds that are imaginable. Along with max precision for Keyboard and Mouse for the most popular shooter games.

That includes games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. Because the Cronus Zen classifies as a controller, there are no lobbies to compete in. Instead, you compete toe-to-toe with other controller users.

Macros and Mods

You can utilize Cronus Zen’s sophisticated GPC programming language. It will provide access to the full capabilities of your controller.
It also allows both advanced and novice gamers to operate thousands of different MOD combos on a device. Plus, you can do it without the use of specialized chips or soldering.

Game packs

Professional players in the Cronus Forum developed built-in GamePacks. They spend countless hours playing the latest releases and acquiring the most diverse MODs and hacks. The MODs are then engineered specifically for each game.

Racing Wheel Support

Cronus Zen supports Logitech G27 racing wheels, Logitech G25, Logitech Driving Force GT. It also supports several Fanatec wheels.
And it is perfectly usable on a PS4 controller, with pedals shifter compatibility and full force feedback.

Zen Studio Software

Cronus Zen’s powered by the Windows Zen Studio software. It provides you instant access to the latest Macros, Scripts, and MODs available. M&K Settings, for example, is one of Zen Studios several great plugin functions. It configures and sets up your keyboard and mouse.

Additional Information

The small device will readily connect to your PCs and controllers without any hassle. You can use it across various platforms, controllers, and consoles. Thus, it’s a perfect and efficient fit for those who consider flexibility a major factor when it comes to game enhancers. With the Cronus Zen, you’re sure to get blamed for cheating; anyone would. It gives you an unfair and inherent advantage over other players by upping your gaming tools through MODs.