What's Button Remap Mod?

Some professional eSports controllers provide many great features and button remapping is one of them. It allows you to change the structure of control entirely, so you can remap buttons in accordance with your needs. There are a lot of similar games on the market, and it would be ideal that all use the same buttons for the same command. You would be familiar with each of them from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, it is the case, and all the games use different buttons to execute the same type of commands. But you can change that with this feature by remapping the buttons. That’s how you can achieve the ideal position of all buttons, so the controls can indeed be the same for all the similar games you play.

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Button remapping can be of tremendous benefit for a console gamer. You do not have to learn each game from the first step. With button remapping, you can already know commands even if you have not had previous experience with a particular game. That can enable you to make faster advances and feel quite better during gaming. And you can achieve significant successes quicker than any regular gamers who do not use this useful feature.

Available Gamepads with Button Remapping

Button remapping mods

How to Remap Buttons on PS4 & Xbox One

  1. Search for the Accessibility Menu on the PC Dashboard
  2. Choose Settings – Accessibility – Button Assignments – Enable Custom Button Assignments – Customize Button Assignments
  3. Adjust the button mapping, and then save all the changes.

Step by Step Instructions

First step: Locate the accessibility menu

  • Choose the Setting button
  • Click “Accessibility”
  • Move down and choose “Button Assignments”
  • Check the box in the right angle to turn on “Enable Custom Button Assignments”
  • Choose “Customize Buttons Assignments”

Second step: Evaluate the button layout

The button changes are visually displayed on the Customize Button Assignment monitor, and you can notice all the actions there. The right button indicates the input the physical button needs to execute, and the left button serves as the physical tab on the controller.

Third step: Remapping buttons

  • It is possible to remap let’s say “Triangle” to get the function of “Directional Pad Up.”
  • To perform this type of twist you have to click Triangle and then select X.
  • Now choose Directional Pad Up and click X.
  • The Triangle function is now added to the Directional Pad Up button, and you can see that. Furthermore, the location of Directional Pad Up now switches to the Triangle button. And you should follow the same steps for all the buttons. The procedure is always the same when it comes to remapping.

Your Button Profile

If you need to view your button profile, you can do that in a simple manner just by following a simple shortcut. You have to navigate to Settings at first, then you have to click Accessibility, and at the end press Button Assignments. You can access this screen whenever you find it appropriate, and it is possible to do that during gaming too.